Health & Safety Policy

Johnson Service Group (JSG) is committed to maintaining and improving health, safety and welfare standards throughout the Company. The Company recognises that this is primarily a management responsibility and consider management of Health & Safety to be as important as, and consistent with, any other function. The Company takes its responsibilities seriously and is determined to comply with Health & Safety legislation and good practice to the best of its ability.

JSG recognise and accept their duty to protect the Health & Safety of all persons, this includes visitors to the companies, contractors and temporary workers, as well as any members of the public who might be affected by our operations.

The JSG health, safety and environment committee will meet at least once per year.

A separate Divisional health, safety and environmental committee for each Company will meet at least twice a year as will each operating Apparelmaster site, Bourne Textile Services site, London Linen Services site and Afonwen site. These meetings will be held at prescribed times and include prescribed agenda items to ensure unified reporting and responses.

The JSG health safety and environmental committee will routinely include representation from the JSG insurance agents and also other relevant bodies as appropriate.

Johnson Service Group companies have a variety of work activities for which Health & Safety procedures which are being produced in a range of manuals. These will lay down specific organisation and arrangements for Health & Safety in each area of work.

All procedures affecting employees will be bought to their attention and appropriate training given. These manuals will set out the minimum standards to be achieved by operating sites and give guidance on policies that apply.

The Site Manager holds overall responsibility for health, safety and environmental matters within their respective site(s).

Line managers are responsible for supervising the Health & Safety of employees who report to them. All employees must co-operate with their managers to ensure good Health & Safety standards are achieved.

Achieving good Health & Safety standards requires a team approach. Every person employed in JSG has a role to play. It is expected that every person will do their best to protect themselves, fellow employees and anybody else who may be affected by their acts or omissions. Consequently, if any person fails to follow Health & Safety procedures this will be regarded as misconduct and will be dealt with under the Company disciplinary procedures.

To assess compliance, annual Health & Safety audits of all major plant sites are conducted on behalf of the Managing Director of each company.

All sites are available for independent Health & Safety audit by JSG insurance agents and it is generally expected that at least two such audits will take place annually.

Peter Egan
Chief Executive Officer

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