Customer Survey Results

We aim to be the industry leader at delivering service and product quality. This is why we employ TLF Research to survey 400 of our customers each year, to discover what improvements need to be made to achieve world class customer service on a consistent basis. Thank you to all of our customers who took the time to complete the survey with TLF Research, your feedback is greatly appreciated.


Our most recent customer satisfaction survey gave us a TLF rating of 87.5 out of 100. This places us in the top 11% on the B2B league table. The feedback we receive is used to target those areas that really make a difference to our customers – and shape the service you receive.

We believe that customer feedback is invaluable in allowing us to continually improve. We welcome it throughout all areas of our business.

Click the button below to see our scoring out of 10 for the key factors that you told us were most important.

Customer survey results

Customer Survey Results

We scored 87.5% in our recent Customer Satisfaction Survey.


These are the areas where you score us best.

  • 9.4 The suitability of the products to your business

  • 9.2 Delivery frequency and call times

  • 9.2 The availability of the products when placing new orders

  • 90.0% of our customers are satisfied or very satisfied with our performance.

survey comments

  • All round I have found them a really amenable and friendly company to deal with.
  • The communication from Johnsons is good and the staff are helpful.
  • Our usual delivery driver is polite, cheerful and we miss him when he isn’t here.
  • The people in the office always answer the phone and any issues are dealt with there and then.
Customer Survey Results


These are the areas that you told us were most important to you, that we will continue to improve on.

Completion & accuracy of deliveries made

We will review our standards to improve our processes to deliver accurately every time.

Response to your Service Complaints

Our number one priority in 2024. We will focus on delivering our promises and resolving any problems quickly and effectively.

The Cleanliness of the Goods Delivered

We will continue to invest in new improved-technology machinery, new linen and uniforms to ensure that we supply quality products.

Suitability of Products

We will continue to review and change as required the range of products we offer to meet our customers’ needs.

Customer Survey Results

We have grown successfully in the last half a century and many things have changed in that time, but the fundamentals of the business have not. Collect linen and uniforms from customers, wash and press them to a high quality and return them on time. If it should go wrong for any reason, fix it quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction.

We survey our customers every year to discover what improvements need to be made to achieve world class customer satisfaction on a consistent basis. The results of this year’s survey show a marked improvement in customer satisfaction across our business which is great, but we don’t stop there. We take the feedback we receive very seriously and seek to improve further.

We have earned the loyalty of our many customers, but we cannot take this for granted and it is dependent on us continuing to deliver on our promises every single deliver.

Thank you to those customers who gave their valuable time to take part in the survey.

Donald Smith, Managing Director

Change today. Change the future.


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