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How do linen hire services work?

You simply pick the product you need, we will deliver your linen, and then pick it up once you have used it to wash. While this linen is cleaned we’ll deliver you more fresh linen.

What types of chef clothing do you offer?

We have a great selection of chef’s wear, including chef's jackets, aprons, trousers, polo shirts and cloths.

How will table linen hire benefit my business?

You can expect expertly tailored linen every time, of pristine quality and available with flexible packages that you can adjust when you need it.

Can I save money by hiring my chef whites?

By hiring chef whites, you’ll avoid upfront costs and have access to top of the line products that are hygienic and meet the exacting standards of food preparation.

Is it worth hiring napkins?

For a relatively small incremental cost you can ensure that your guests experience a quality dining experience. Hiring napkins will allow you to save time and money. By taking laundry services out of your business, your workers are free to work on other things. You will also save money by not buying chef napkins at full price and having to buy cleaning equipment.

Why should I choose Johnsons Stalbridge as my commercial laundry service?

We offer a high quality product and excellent customer service.

Should I wash my chef aprons before returning?

No need, London Linen will do all the cleaning for you, using our tried and tested cleaning methods and strict quality control checks to ensure the linen is thoroughly cleaned without losing its great quality.

Do you supply catering clothing hire?

We offer a wide range of chef uniforms, chef jackets, trousers, aprons as well as a range of kitchen service cloths.

For more information on the products that we offer please take a look at:

Chefs Wear

Is there a delivery charge for tablecloth hiring?

There is no additional delivery charge, the delivery costs are included in your weekly minimum charge agreement.

What areas do you provide commercial laundry to?

We provide our services to most parts of the UK.

Do London Linen deliver and collect?

Yes, we have a network of drivers positioned around London to deliver your linen as quickly and efficiently as possible. We can also deliver further afield.

Why is it important to hire chef whites?

By washing at high temperatures and by using the appropriate chemicals, a commercial laundry service will ensure your chefs whites are clean and bright and reflect the high standards that your business wants to promote.

Why should I consider linen services instead of purchasing my own linen?

Purchasing linen outright can cost a lot of money, but linen services are cost-effective and allow you to make changes to your order for new styles whenever you want.

How much does napkin hire cost?

Costs vary depending on your needs, so get in touch today.

Why do I need to use a commercial laundry service?

To save your staff from wasting time washing and drying linen, save money on purchasing linen outright and receive pristine products every time.

What are your restaurant tablecloths made from?

Our restaurant tablecloths are made from either 100% pure linen or 100% combed cotton, for the ultimate luxurious feel.

What areas do you provide hotel laundry services to?

We provide laundry services to any hotel that requires chefs wear or table linen for their restaurant or bar.

Do you provide luxury linens?

Yes, we provide luxury linens to clients who require table linen, serviettes or restaurant uniforms.

Where can I get chef clothing in London?

You can get premium chef clothing by hiring from London Linen today. We also offer table linen delivered straight to your door.

Who do I contact if I have a query?

Your customer services department on 0208 574 5569.

Who do I contact if I would like to start an account with you?

Please call us on 0208 574 5569.

Do you have any vacancies?

Please give us a call on 0208 574 5569 and we will be able to let you know what vacancies we have available.
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