Winter Dining: Seasonal Table Setting Ideas

Winter Dining: Seasonal Table Setting Ideas

Restaurants are never busier than during the festive season. Be it company Christmas meals or romantic dinner dates, people love to dress up and eat out in the darker months of winter.

Here are some ways you can elevate your restaurant’s table settings to match the season, offering a feeling of warm and festive luxury to your customers.

Commercial Linen

The base of every table setting at a restaurant should start with a linen tablecloth. Not only does this make your dining area look cohesive and sophisticated, but it protects your tables from hot plates and potential spillages.

Opting for commercial linen tablecloths is the best and most affordable way to ensure this protection, with a crisp, white base allowing for plentiful decorative options.

Elevating Your Tablescape


Napkins are an essential addition to any table setting; luckily, they can also be chosen and arranged in a way that aids the stylistic choices of your tablescape. To incorporate a seasonal theme, you may decide to secure your napkins with silver or gold napkin rings with a snowflake design, or perhaps you could opt for a more rustic, traditional feel and use napkin rings that feature a sprig of holly or mistletoe.

You could also choose to forgo traditional white serviettes for another colour, such as black, cream or grey linen napkins, which can add an extra touch of sophistication and compliment the other design components of your table setting.


Incorporating foliage into the centrepiece of your table adds the perfect seasonal touch. We recommend a small vase with a few stems of poinsettia, accompanied by some small votive candles, for smaller tables. For larger or long tables, we think a garland of pine, holly, mistletoe and/or ivy gives a romantic and homely touch - you can even add some dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks and cloves into this to elevate it even further and really hone in on the seasonal decoration.

For an even cosier feel, you can reuse some of your old glass bottles by filling them with gold LED fairy lights to add between your foliage centrepieces, creating a warm and relaxed dining atmosphere.


There are many colour schemes you can play with for your table settings this winter. Of course, you have the traditional red, gold and green - a safe choice that has proven popular (for good reason). But, if you wish to go for something a little bit different, we think black can be a very elegant colour of choice.

Small touches of black (such as serviettes, cutlery or candles) pair well with other seasonal golds and greens; the delicate green and cream of mistletoe leaves and berries really pop against a black background, for example.

Luxury Linens

If you are looking for luxury table linen for your restaurant, London Linen has the commercial tablecloths and serviettes you need. With a range of colours and designs, you can choose the ideal linen to complete your restaurant’s table settings this winter.

As well as table linen hire, we also offer dry cleaning services to keep your linen in a quality, clean condition.

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