Why Your Hotel Room Should Always Include Extra Pillows

Why Your Hotel Room Should Always Include Extra Pillows

Providing extra pillows to each guest is an essential detail when it comes to providing a luxury hotel experience - read on to find out more.

Hotels provide a home away from home for a wide variety of guests, where some will be travelling for business whilst others will be looking for a luxurious escape from the everyday. As such, each room must be designed to cater to a variety of different visitor requirements in order to ensure that everyone has a great night’s sleep and a favourable experience.


All kinds of accessories can contribute to the comfort of hotel guests, where cosy duvets, soft towels and complementary morning coffee can all help to make for a memorable stay. When it comes to pillows, it is expected that the hotel will have an extra supply, whether in the room itself or at the request of guests.


This is an essential feature of the hotel experience, where there are numerous reasons why additional pillows should always be offered - read on to find out more.

Luxury Feel

Having extra pillows to hand can help a hotel to present a luxurious image to its guests. This is because it suggests that comforting accessories are in abundance, where this is a strategy used even in chain and budget hotels.

Customisable Experience

Offering additional pillows also allows each guest to customise the room to their liking. Not everyone likes an excess of pillows whilst some will require lots of neck support, where giving the option allows for this kind of flexibility.

Extra Comfort

There’s nothing worse than arriving in a hotel room to find that there aren’t enough pillows for your comfort. Having a supply of extras to hand means that all guests can be fully comfortable, helping to encourage positive reviews and a good night's sleep for everyone.

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Published on: Mar 27, 2024

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