Why napkins and tablecloths are more important to your restaurant than they might appear

Why napkins and tablecloths are more important to your restaurant than they might appear

In this blog we want to talk about all the reasons that quality napkins and pristine tablecloths are more important than you might think.

A touch of class

One major benefit of clean, freshly laundered table linen is that it creates an undeniable feeling of fine dining. The guests in your restaurant will be greeted by a first impression of beautiful, pressed tablecloths and luxury, linen napkins next to the place settings. This is something so typical of high-end restaurants that it won’t leave much room for doubt that your guests are in for a truly special dining experience.


Control the ambience

One remarkable benefit of linen tablecloths is that it deadens unwanted sound. Without hard table surfaces for noises to ricochet off, you will be able to control the sound levels in your restaurant. By using hired table linen in your restaurant you will be able to keep music at an optimum level and not risk your guests needing to raise their voices in order to be heard.


Save energy

The idea of restaurant linen saving you energy is true on two levels.

Firstly, by utilising a quality restaurant linen hire service such as Johnsons London Linen, you will be investing in our environment focussed processes. In recent years we have had an overhaul of our machinery, systems and equipment to use significantly less energy, time and water. Our washing machines are using less fresh mains water and also recycle rinse water, which takes less time to heat up. We are dedicated to using green processes wherever we can.

The second way that hired linen can save you energy is the energy of your own staff. Without having to worry about in-house laundry, you are freeing up the efforts of your own employees, without compromising on quality.

If you’re interested in getting started with our flexible and reliable linen hire service for your restaurant business, get in touch with our expert team today.

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