What You Need to Know About Chef Wear

What You Need to Know About Chef Wear

Think about the fact that in hundreds of kitchens across the world; the chef's uniform is so ubiquitous you will be able to spot it anywhere. With this in mind, here in this blog, we are going to talk you through everything you need to know about the chef uniform and why it’s so integral to the kitchen environment.


You may not have heard of the toque but you’d certainly be able to identify it. Essentially, it’s the large white hat that you see chefs use at formal functions. The most popular theory is that it comes from a crown that the royal family used to give to their chefs.


Some say that the wrinkles in the toque represent the various ways a chef knows how to prepare an egg and others say it represents the number of dishes they have mastered. Regardless, a toque’s history is important and it is rich in heritage.


Chefs jacket

The most crucial factors of a chef jacket are its materials, weight, style, and colour. For the most part, most people prefer 100% cotton material due to the fact that it is so breathable while others would happily get a blend.


The most widely-used and practical style is the long-sleeved double-breasted jacket that will give you the best protection against kitchen accidents and mishaps. White is the most formal and traditional style of course, but for certain kitchens, the formal attire will be black or any other colour they prefer.



Since heat is an ever-present danger in the kitchen, everything is designed to help you feel as safe as possible. A half apron will protect you against any spills in the lower part of your body, while a full apron protects the whole body. Some aprons come with pockets, this means you can be more organized by placing a towel, pen, or anything else you might require. While it’s not recommended, you can also use an apron to pick up hot equipment.


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