What Services Do London Linen Offer?

What Services Do London Linen Offer?

Johnson’s London Linen are a company that has been providing customers with leading linen hire and laundry supplies in the capital of England since 1935. But what services do London Linen actually offer? The importance of linen is something that should not be overlooked when it comes to restaurants, hotels and kitchens. Not only can linen improve the overall appearance of your business and workstations, but it can also provide further comfort. Many businesses in the hospitality industry rely on linen to run efficiently and safely.

With over eighty years of experience in the field, London Linen knows exactly what it takes to provide our customers with a smooth, efficient and high-quality service. Whether it be tablecloth rental or professional chef aprons, we’re the linen company that you can depend on.


So what services can London Linen offer, and how can this help my business?


Hotel Laundry Services

When it comes down to running a hotel, your customer experience should be an absolute top priority. Having hotel laundry services can benefit your hotel in so many ways. Having a company to sort out your hotel laundry is actually cost-effective, allowing you to wash and dry your laundry in an efficient way. If you were to carry out the cleaning yourself, then you’ll have to invest in washing machines whilst paying significant amounts of money for water bills and laundry detergent. Not only that, but there’s always the danger that your own washing machine doesn’t have the capacity or power to deal with the amount of laundry that actually needs to be done.


No one wants to eat their dinner with a dirty tablecloth or sleep in dirty bedsheets, so enlisting the help of a laundry service team can ensure that your linen is as good as it can be. Hiring professionals means that they will have all of the specialised equipment to remove any stains and ensure that your linen is in peak condition. As a business, it’s likely that you’ll be looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly. It’s likely that you’ll use machinery that has no regard for water usage if you decide to undertake the task yourself. Instead, professional laundry teams can use specialised washing machines that have the ability to contribute positively to the environment.


Chefs Wear

It might not seem like it on the surface, but uniform plays a significant part in being a chef. Whilst older materials of the chef clothing might have been uncomfortable, chef clothing now tries to place an emphasis on comfort and hygiene. When you run a kitchen, it’s important that your staff are looking presentable at all times. People often associate uniforms with brand identity, so it’s absolutely paramount that they are wearing clothing that exudes class and professionalism. As well as providing clothing such as professional chef aprons, chef’s clothing should also be practical and hygienic.


So what chef uniform should you be investing in for your restaurant? Find out below.


  • Chef Trousers - Chef trousers should certainly not be overlooked when it comes to the attire worn in the kitchen. When choosing your chef’s trousers, you should ensure that they are comfortable and allow for your chefs to easily move around the kitchen. Wearing trousers such as jeans or shorts is not only unsafe, but it also doesn’t reflect a very good image of your business.
  • Chef Jackets - Chef jackets are something that can make a huge difference in the kitchen. Not only can they keep you cool, but they also have the potential to enhance comfort. High-quality chef jackets usually have a dedicated air ventilation panel which ensures that your skin can breathe easily, whilst also protecting you from any scratches or burns. Chef jackets are sometimes available in double or single-breasted forms too, which entirely depends on the type of kitchen you work in. A double-breasted chef jacket would be most suited to those who are customer-facing, as you have the ability to flip over the dirty side of the jacket to just show the clean side. Now that open kitchens are becoming more popular in restaurants, it is becoming more important for chefs to focus on their appearance.
  • Professional Chef Aprons - Instead of a chef jacket, some chefs opt for an apron instead. When looking for an apron, you want something that is durable and will keep you protected. Considering that aprons can get quite messy, it’s vital that they are washed often.


Searching for ‘chef whites London’? At London Linen, we’re proud to supply chef clothing that places an emphasis on comfortability, hygiene and safety. We fully recognise that the role can be challenging, which is why we strive to provide our customers with a uniform they can be proud of.


Restaurant Linen

Another service that London Linen can provide is tablecloth rental. But why is this important? Choosing to invest in good quality linen shows that your business holds strong values when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. First impressions are absolutely essential in restaurants and your linen can go a long way to making a good account of yourself. For instance, napkins and tablecloths might seem like a small detail, but they can significantly influence our perception of a company. Having high-quality linen can encourage your customers to associate this level of quality with the rest of your business. It’s not just the tablecloths and napkins though, the bar cloths and tea towels can also influence your customer’s view of your business.


In fact, the linen you incorporate into your restaurant can actually influence your hygiene rating too.  As part of the Food Standard Agency’s inspection, they will look at the overall cleanliness of your restaurant. Linen can be used in this case to decorate the table, protect the cutlery or even be used as an embellishment on employee’s uniform. At London Linen, our tablecloth rental choices are aplenty, allowing the opportunity for you to select from colours such as cream, magenta stripe or white.


Hotel Linen

When running a hotel, you should be doing everything in your power to ensure that your guests are having the best stay possible. When we first enter a hotel room, it’s almost inevitable that we look straight toward the bed and test out how comfy it is. Incorporating linen into your room can be just one way to make sure your guests excited for their night’s sleep. The importance of linen in a hotel room is not something that should be downplayed, whether that be in the bedroom or the bathroom. Having bath towels and robes enables your guests to enjoy their stay to the fullest.


In addition, linen can also transform the appearance of your hotel room by adding style, substance and a hint of luxury. Showing guests that you value their experience with you can help to build a good relationship, which will encourage them to visit again in the future. As aforementioned, first impressions are absolutely essential in the hospitality industry. Investing in linen can leave a lasting impression on your guests and give you a competitive edge against your competitors!


Invest in Luxury Linens at London Linen


If you’re looking for linen for your hospitality business, then look no further than London Linen. We’re a company that supplies laundry services, as well as tablecloth rental and chefs wear. With decades of experience, we know what it takes to provide our customers with linen that they can be proud to have in their restaurants, kitchens and hotels. We’re a company that holds strong values when it comes to developing customer relationships, that’s why all of our customers have a dedicated Area Service Manager so that communication is intact at all times.


Sourcing products from reliable and ethical suppliers, we can guarantee that you’ll be receiving the best linen out there. To provide reassurance that the linen we supply is the best quality possible, all of our products go through a pristine quality control check. Our staff are all fully trained in ensuring that your products are handled efficiently and safely. On top of that, we offer flexible contracts that are tailored to your needs and requirements. If you are convinced that London Linen are the team for you, get in touch with our team today!



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