Wedding Table Ideas

Wedding Table Ideas

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life, so you want to do the most to make it the best it possibly can. One of the most notable and satisfying elements of wedding decor is the tables. At the reception, your guests will spend a lot of time here as they eat a meal, listen to the speeches and enjoy the events of the day/evening. So here are some wedding table ideas to help make your day amazing.

Round or Long

Most weddings have round tables, allowing guests to socialise more easily and mingle with everyone at the table. But long tables may fit in better with your aesthetic, and you can make the most of table runners and decorations that flow down the whole length of a table.


Long tables can still be as sociable, as long as you carefully think about who you place on them. Placing children on the end encourages them to socialise with each other while allowing adults to be amongst more people in the middle. If the wedding is quite small, long tables are a great way to keep the intimacy by having everybody on the same table.


Wedding Favours

People love a present, so give them something they can marvel at and take home with them afterwards. Popular ideas include a carved wooden nameplate or a shot glass with the wedding date on it. At the entrance you could have a photographer with a polaroid camera, standing by to take everyone's photo and give them a picture to develop as the night goes on.


Guests will love the personalised touch and have a memento to remember the day for years to come.


Decorative Linen

One of the first things a guest will notice about your wedding table is the type of linen you use, so you need to make this first impression count. You could go classic and ensure you use only the crispest, high-quality white linen. This usually works well if you’re using more colours in your decorations, to offer a stark and clean contrast.


You could also go more decorative with colours and patterns. If you’re using a warm colour scheme, peach linen might work well, or pale blue for a cold colour scheme.

London Linen

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Your wedding tables will stand out with our range of beautiful linen and serviettes, available in a range of patterns and colours to fit your style and theme.


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