Top Tips For Redesigning Your Restaurant Menu

Top Tips For Redesigning Your Restaurant Menu

Redesigning your menu could be the change your restaurant needs to get business booming. From tasty calzones to delicious steak, what can you do to make your menu the best it can be? Read on for our top tips on redesigning your restaurant menu.

Think about layout

Did you know that the way your menu is laid out can have an impact on the dishes they order? Have someone from outside of your restaurant look at your menu - is it clear to read? Which areas are they drawn to? For years restaurants have been putting their most expensive dishes in the top right corner as this was said to be the ‘sweet spot’ where people’s eyes are naturally drawn, however, others have said that laying it out like a book is more effective.

Test your ideas

If you have some new meal ideas for your menu make sure you test them out before adding them permanently - you might like it but your customers might not! Why not give out free samples to your customers and get their feedback? This will help you to adapt the dish and figure out if it’s worth adding to your new menu.

Advertise your changes

How is anyone going to know about your menu if you don’t let them know? Share your new dishes, desserts and cocktails on social media and ask your serving team to let customers know about your specials and new recipes. You have to put a little work in to get people interested and make your redesign worthwhile!

Find a gap

Creating the best menu possible will help you stand out from the crowd, so if your current options aren’t offering anything different it may be time to think outside the box. Having a signature dish will get your name out there and keep people coming back for more. If you specialise in pasta, for example, can you put your own twist on a classic spaghetti bolognese? Combine uniqueness with popular dishes for a tasty combination that your customers will love.

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