Top Presentation Tips For Your Restaurant

Top Presentation Tips For Your Restaurant

When people come to your restaurant they want an enjoyable experience from start to finish, from excellent customer service to impeccable food. Another area that should never be overlooked is the presentation as culinary art is an important factor that will affect a customer’s attraction to your food. Here are some top presentation tips that you should bear in mind.

Organise the plate

In the age of Instagrammers and food bloggers, presentation is more important than ever - the last thing you want is people sharing pictures of your poorly presented dishes! The plate should never be overloaded with food as this can look messy, however, the outer part of the plate should be left clear to create some contrast. Try and keep everything fairly uniform in terms of size and playing with texture and colour will make the dish look more interesting and appealing.

Use good table linen

Presentation is also important when it comes to your tables. No one wants to be sat at a table with dirty linen, not only is this putting but it will create a bad first impression on your customers. Investing in high-quality linen is always a good idea and these extra touches will show your guests the effort that you’ve gone through. Crisp, white table linen will always look good so keep it simple and you’ll have the perfect table set up.

Match presentation to your theme

Your style of plating should match your restaurant’s atmosphere, so if you run a high-end eatery your customers will expect a certain level of artistry when it comes to presentation. On the other hand, if you’re trying to create authentic meals such as traditional Italian cuisine, present it in a way that you would expect in Italy!


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