Three Reasons Sustainability is Important for Restaurant Linen Suppliers

Three Reasons Sustainability is Important for Restaurant Linen Suppliers

If you own a restaurant or similar business, it’s of course important to find a reliable linen supplier. That said, not all linen suppliers offer the same benefits. For instance, at London Linen

Supply, providing linens to restaurants throughout the UK, we’ve managed to develop and implement a closed loop textile recycling process for our entire supply chain. Ours is the first laundry to achieve this goal.

Choosing a linen supplier who prioritises sustainability can benefit your business in numerous key ways. The following are just a few noteworthy examples to keep in mind:

Improving Branding


Surveys and research indicates people throughout the world are becoming more and more concerned about protecting the environment and promoting sustainability. In fact, consumers surveys reveal that many people now favour businesses that prioritise sustainability whenever possible.


That’s a good reason to use a linen supplier that recycles consistently. This is a choice you can advertise to your customers on social media and related channels. When customers know you’ve chosen a supplier who cares about sustainability, they’ll be more likely to visit your restaurant in the future. This is simply a unique branding opportunity that can give you a major competitive advantage.


Complying with Future Regulations


Consumers aren’t the only ones who are prioritising sustainability to an increasing degree. Governments have also begun to recognise how important it is to recycle and reduce one’s carbon footprint. Thus, they may put regulations in place requiring businesses to adhere to sustainable practices.


If such a regulation was enacted, and your current linen supplier didn’t have a sustainability programme, you would need to act fast to find a new one. This can obviously have a negative impact on efficiency and productivity. On the other hand, if you choose a linen supplier that does have a sustainability programme, you’ll of course avoid this problem in the future.


Attracting Employees


Your consumers want you to make sustainable choices at all times. Using a linen supplier who understands this will, again, improve branding.


That said, you need to keep in mind that potential employees might also consider sustainability and recycling to be important. If you were to choose a linen supplier with a recycling programme, you could point out this fact when hiring new workers. This makes attracting employees much easier than it otherwise would be.


Luckily, finding such a linen supplier doesn’t need to be a challenge. We at London Linen Supply already prioritise recycling. To learn more about our sustainable processes, visit us online.



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