Three Hygiene Tips to Improve Your Dining Setup

Three Hygiene Tips to Improve Your Dining Setup

If you’re preparing for the reopening of your restaurant or you’re looking for new ways to improve hygiene levels, reconfiguring your table setups is a good place to start. When customers visit your eatery they should experience high levels of cleanliness and anything extra that you can do will go a long way. Luckily, there are plenty of extra things that you can do.

Here are four hygiene trips to try in your restaurant.


Offer contactless menus

To avoid cross-contamination, switching to contactless menus is a great alternative to standard menus. Simply create a QR code that links directly to the menu on your website and your customers can browse the selection as they usually would but without handling a physical menu. If you think about how many members of staff and members of the public touch the menu every day, this can easily create a breeding ground for germs. Going contactless is the perfect solution!


Hire table linen from a professional company

Imagine sitting down to eat and the table cloth is full of stains - that’s not very appetising! You must keep each table as hygienic as possible so hiring your linen from a professional rental company can ensure that everything is clean properly. Using industrial cleaning methods, you will receive linen and serviettes straight to your restaurant that are spick and span meaning you don’t have to worry about cleaning them yourself.


Keep coats and bags off the table

Taking your guests’ coat is not only good hospitality but it can also improve hygiene. When bags and coats and put on the table this is an easy way for dirt to get around the area where people are going to be eating, so why not ask for belongings to be kept under the table or in a safe place? If you have a cloakroom then now is the time to use it! Train your staff to take each guests coat and it will become an everyday habit.




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