The Five Signs of an Exceptional Restaurant

The Five Signs of an Exceptional Restaurant

Eating in restaurants is much more commonplace than it once was. Whereas dining out used to be reserved for special occasions, the growing popularity of restaurants has made going out for lunch or dinner much easier and more accessible! According to 2019 research, approximately 5.4 million people eat in restaurants two to three times a month.

Despite this, there’s something special about eating in a truly exceptional restaurant. Whether you’ve found a local diner with the best artisanal pizza you’ve ever eaten or you’re celebrating your birthday in a Michelin Star restaurant, finding an eatery that blows you away is a real treat. But, how do you know what you’re looking for?

To help you dine in the finest restaurants, look out for these five telltale signs of excellence!

Five Telltale Signs That You’re in a Great Restaurant

Incredible Service

Serving staff who make you feel welcome the moment you step through the door are the lifeblood of exceptional restaurants. You’ll notice a huge difference between establishments with waiting staff who don’t want to be there and restaurants with staff who go above and beyond to make your evening enjoyable.

In addition to being polite and warm, great restaurant staff should understand the menu well and be able to make food and drink recommendations with confidence.

A Beautiful Interior

All great restaurants know that their interior affects the atmosphere of their establishment, and will go the extra mile to ensure that everything from their colour palette to their seating arrangements has been prepared with ambience in mind.

Perfectly laid tables should also feature in all five-star restaurants, as this is where guests spend the majority of their evening. Fresh table linen, polished silverware and a lit candle are three must-haves.

A Wonderful Wine Menu

Great restaurants often pride themselves on award-winning wine menus, so if you find an establishment with a sophisticated drinks selection, you’ll likely be impressed with their food, too.

If you’re a wine enthusiast yourself, opt for a restaurant that works with a sommelier. A professional sommelier will select only the finest wines for a world-class experience.

A Seasonal Menu

Professional chefs only want to cook with the freshest ingredients, which is why so many of the world’s best restaurants adapt their menu in line with the seasons. Cooking with seasonal produce often means that the establishment has hand-picked a local supplier and are dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients possible.

In addition to a seasonal menu, excellent restaurants should be able to cater to all dietary requirements!

High Standards of Hygiene

The principal reason for eating in a restaurant is to tuck into beautifully prepared food, but it’s difficult to relax if the establishment’s hygiene standards aren’t up to scratch. A sticky floor, dusty worktops, improperly wiped down tables and stained napkins simply don’t set the right tone.

Pristine restaurant and kitchen linen are crucial to a top-tier experience, so look out for spotlessly clean napkins, table cloths and chefs’ whites.

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Published on: Jun 17, 2021

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