The Best TV Shows & Films Set In Restaurants

The Best TV Shows & Films Set In Restaurants

The restaurant has always been a popular setting in the world of cinema, with everything from whole shows revolving around being set in a restaurant to characters going for a bite to eat at their local greasy spoon.

Here are some of the best TV shows & Films to be set in restaurants.

The Bear

The latest hit show to be set in the restaurant takes you into the fast-paced world of a Chicago sandwich shop, as a young chef trained in fine dining returns home to manage the shop after the death of his older brother. The frenetic pace of the show accurately showcases a busy restaurant but what makes watching so great is the eclectic group of characters it follows.


Chef is a charming film about rediscovering the passion behind your cooking and realising conforming to the norm can’t make you happy. It involves a chef at a popular Los Angeles restaurant losing his job after a public spat with the owner and a reviewer. Instead, he rediscovers his love for Cuban Cuisine and takes a food truck around America with his son, ex-wife and friends.

Boiling Point

A restaurant critic, marriage proposal, bad health & safety rating and more combine in Boiling Point, a one-shot film set in a restaurant in London. The title tells all you need to know about the plot, as a single dinner service escalates more and more in real-time.

Hell’s Kitchen

Probably the most famous show set in a kitchen is Hell’s Kitchen. First airing in the UK in 2004, the brand has expanded globally, notably in America with a staggering 21 seasons currently aired. On this show, chefs compete for a job in a restaurant by working a series of dinner services and slowly being eliminated one by one.

Bob’s Burgers

The previous few shows and films have all painted a restaurant environment as an intense and stressful environment, so we thought we’d end this list with something a bit more charming. Bob’s Burgers is an animated comedy set in a hamburger restaurant and follows the family who runs the business and all the hijinks they get up to each week.

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Published on: May 26, 2023

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