Table Linen | Why Choose Linen Hire Services?

Table Linen | Why Choose Linen Hire Services?

Choosing table linen for your restaurant or hospitality industry can prove vital in the customer dining experience. Below, we outline essential reasons why choosing linen hire services can enhance your hospitality experience.

Touch Of Class

It’s important to remember that, as with any dining experience, customers will always make an initial judgement on your establishment based primarily on what they see. A restaurant table that is laid with a pristine, elegant linen tablecloth, (and napkins), will immediately enhance the visual quality of your restaurant, providing your customers with a touch of class upon arrival. After all; food always tastes better on fresh linen!

Clean & Fresh

In the hospitality industry, spills happen a lot! Spreading quickly, spills can cover the table, chairs, your floors and even your guests, leading to a miserable, chaotic experience all round. With pristine restaurant linen, spills can be absorbed quickly, reducing the chances of your guests ruining their clothes and having a negative experience at your restaurant.

As an added incentive, table linen is more sanitary than a table without linen, which means that covering your restaurant table with pristine linen tablecloths will ensure your establishment remains clean, fresh and hygienic for the long term. After every patron leaves, simply remove the tablecloth, wipe your tables down to remove any leftover bacteria, and replace it with fresh linen! Your existing tablecloth can then be washed for repeated use in future.

Quiet & Relaxed

A surprising, yet highly important advantage of linen tablecloths is their ability to absorb sound and reduce background noise, resulting in a superior ambaicance and environment to dine in! Unlike hard surfaces, which will echo and amplify sounds, pristine linen will keep noise levels manageable, freeing up more room for conversation and enjoyment for your patrons.


Employing the services of a commercial linen service, such as London Linen, will help keep costs down, with all maintenance, care and cleaning carried out by our team, preventing the need for investment in expensive machinery and personnel.

Enhance Your Brand

When you combine all of the above points, you begin to recognise just how much of an impact high-quality commercial linen can have on your restaurant or business, ultimately enhancing your brand and brand awareness. Creating a dining experience that is clean, pristine, eco-friendly and quiet will quickly become a signature part of your appeal, with customers choosing your restaurant for more than just food.

If you’re looking for commercial linen hire and laundry services across the UK, look no further than London Linen. We’re a company that supplies laundry services, as well as tablecloth rental and chefs wear. On top of that, we offer flexible contracts that are tailored to your needs and requirements.  Get in touch with our team today!

Published on: May 26, 2023

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