Our top tips on maintaining a professional kitchen atmosphere

Our top tips on maintaining a professional kitchen atmosphere

To help you manage your professional kitchen, we’ve put together a short list of guidelines you should consider implementing in your restaurant.

When it comes to your kitchen, this can be a little complicated. More often than not, the kitchen is tucked away, out of sight and earshot of the guests. Kitchens can be hot, noisy and stressful. Because of this, it could be argued that it is even more important to maintain a professional atmosphere in your kitchen than it is for the front of house. Or at least, it may require a bit more forethought from you.

Employee comfort should be paramount

You can’t expect chefs who are uncomfortable and unhappy to appear professional. Your starting point with a professional kitchen atmosphere is happy staff.

By employing our professional linen hire company, you will be able to ensure your chefs’ whites and aprons are not only made from a soft and comfortable material, but are also able to cope with the fluctuating temperature in a commercial kitchen.

Ensure your staff look the part

Even if you don’t have an open kitchen, you will want your staff to look smart. The chef’s jackets we provide are not only of the best quality, they also have that classic look harping back to the birth of modern cuisine in the 19th century, when French chefs were carving out a new level of respect for the culinary arts. You will also find that by choosing patterned chefs’ trousers you can conceal stains.

Music policy

It might be that your kitchen is tucked away, out of earshot of your customers. If this is the case, it may be that your policy is that staff can listen to the radio, podcasts or music. However, if there is any risk of your guests hearing it, beware of any music or radio that might conflict with the atmosphere of the dining area. This is never a pleasant experience for your guests and it will come across as being extremely unprofessional.

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