Organising an Event? Linen Hire & Laundry in London Can Help

 Organising an Event? Linen Hire & Laundry in London Can Help

If you’re organising a large event or gathering that involves a dining experience for the attendees, then it is likely that you will benefit from restaurant table linens. Not only will these offer protection to your tables, but they will offer visual consistency and attractiveness, as well as impress your guests with their quality.

Organising an Event? Linen Hire and Laundry in London Can Help

If you’re organising a large event or gathering that involves a dining experience for the attendees, then it is likely that you will benefit from restaurant table linens. Not only will these offer protection to your tables, but they will offer visual consistency and attractiveness, as well as impress your guests with their quality.

Of course, buying plentiful amounts of restaurant quality table linens may significantly eat into your budget, which is why your best option will instead be linen hire. Read on below to learn why it is in your best interest to hire your table linens when planning an event.

The Benefits of Tablecloth Rental & Napkin Hire

Range of Designs

When hiring tablecloths and napkins, you aren’t exclusively limited to having these in the classic crisp white (unless that’s what you want, of course) design with which they are often associated. Instead, there are actually various designs that will be available to you, whether it be different colours, patterns (such as stripes) or textures (such as satin) - or even a culmination of the three.

Having multiple options at your fingertips allows you to compare the available designs with the overall aesthetic and atmosphere you are trying to achieve at the event, so you can pick the best one to suit the type of event that you are hosting.

If you regularly host different events, then using a linen hire service each time gives you the flexibility to alter which design you pick based on what works best for each event. If you were to buy your table linens outright, then you would be stuck with the same design every time, even if it weren’t as fitting as you’d like it to be. In which case, the other option would be to buy more linen in other designs, however this then leaves you with more table linens than you necessarily need and it’s likely that one would not get as much use as the other, certainly not enough to outweigh the cost of buying it in the first place.

High Quality

If you’re looking around to find table linen that is within your allocated budget, then there is a high chance that you will have to compromise on quality for the sake of price - especially considering that your table linens are unlikely to take precedence on your list of priorities or allotted spending.

By hiring restaurant-quality linen, you will be able to stay within your budget whilst benefiting from linen that both looks and feels luxurious, as it is made from top-of-the-line materials.

Being composed of such high-quality materials also gives it the added benefit of being more fit for purpose. By this we mean that it will be more durable and resilient to any stains and spillages, since most restaurant linens are treated with this in mind, so you won’t have to worry about any natural or accidental ‘wear and tear’ from your guests causing extensive damage.

Furthermore, your guests will be left feeling impressed with such high quality materials. Using restaurant-quality linens will make them feel special and even more appreciative of all the planning and effort that has gone into the event on their behalf.

Laundry Services

Using a service that handles both linen provision and cleaning takes extra planning off your plate. Linen hire companies that also offer a laundry service, such as London Linen, will take care of cleaning the used tablecloths and napkins for you after the event has finished. This is extremely useful to you, as it makes the event easier to organise by allowing you to plan other, more important aspects, without the worry of having to arrange for all your linens to be dry cleaned or laundered after the event or factoring this into your expenditures.

In addition to this, you will also have peace of mind that the linens will be delivered to you in a pristine, clean condition that is ready for use immediately.  When buying your own table linen or hiring from a company that does not exclusively specialise in restaurant linens or offer laundering services, then you cannot guarantee that it will arrive in a quality-controlled condition, making you responsible for ensuring that it is cleaned and pressed prior to the event taking place.

Environmentally Conscious

Hiring table linens for use at events and gatherings is not only economically beneficial, but it is much more environmentally sustainable than buying your linen. Linen hire means that linens will be reused over and over, rather than being purchased with one intended purpose in mind then being used less than a handful of times.

This especially rings true when table linens have been used only a few times and have then been discarded due to a lack of use.  Although somewhere like a restaurant may more readily justify owning their own linens, as these will be in more constant use, for a one-off event or a few back-to-back events, the same need is simply not there.

Reusing table linens through the use of a hiring service reduces the need for raw materials to be exploited in order to make more, only for these to then be wasted (often without being consciously disposed of either, meaning they will end up in landfill rather than being recycled).

Atmospheric Impact

Though you may not notice it upon first look, it’s the subtle details that really tie everything together and aid in the overall atmosphere of an event - something you will quickly learn when organising one. Just because you may decide that you do not have the funds or necessity for a minor detail such as table linens, doesn’t mean you should forgo them altogether when you have the option to hire them; the result will be worth it if you do and they are often versatile to your requirements.

The colour, quality and layout of the table linens you use can really resonate with the ambience you are trying to create and add that extra touch to really wow your guests with the scenery.

For example, if you’re attempting to portray a luxurious or romantic feel, then you may opt for circular tables draped in tablecloths that just skim the floor, with red or gold serviettes folded into origami art. Whereas if you were attempting a more rustic theme, using long tables with the tablecloth tucked in underneath and simple, folded serviettes gently draped over the edge of each place setting, both in a crisp white, would be best to not distract from the design too much whilst adding a feel of cleanliness.

When you really stop and think about how you can use table linens to compliment the larger design of an event, they can give an aesthetic clarity and overall seamless appearance.


As you will have likely gathered throughout, hiring your table linen is much more cost-efficient than buying it. Though buying your tablecloths and napkins means you will then own them, it is unlikely that you will get your money’s worth of usage from them if buying them for a specific, one-off event. Not only that, but you will then be stuck with the need to clean, maintain and store these somewhere - the price of which all adds up.

When hiring your table linen through a trusted linen hire company, such as London Linen, then you will receive an individual quote relevant to the type and quantity of linen you need and the duration you need it for. This offers reassurance that you will be paying a price specifically tailored to your needs, and on top of that you know that the quality of the linens you’ll be receiving will be included in the price, rather than potentially spending too much money on poor quality linen.

London Linen

When looking for premium quality table linen to hire for use at your event, London Linen has the products you need.

Sourcing our products from reliable and ethical suppliers, we can guarantee that our range of tablecloths and serviettes are made with only the best materials, including superior cotton and natural linen. With over 80 years of industry experience, you are in the most capable hands when it comes to our service, promising our customers flexibility, quality and sustainability when using our linen hire and laundry services.

As well as table linens, we also offer a comprehensive range of top-standard chefs wear, designed to be comfortable, safe and functional for those working in busy kitchens.

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