Making A Lasting Impression At Your Dinner Party

Making A Lasting Impression At Your Dinner Party

Creating a lasting impression is everything, and whether you’ve recently moved into a new area and invited your neighbours, or if you’re hosting workplace colleagues, a dinner party can be the ideal way to impress. From grand banquets to casual dinners within your home, there are a number of ways you can create a memorable experience for guests, from the food, conversation and presentation of the table. London Linen are experts when it comes to luxury linen, chef apron and laundry supply in the capital. Traditional table linen designs and contemporary serviettes are just a taste of what we provide to suit your aesthetic, and make a statement with guests. Read on to discover some of the very best ways you can create a lasting impression at your dinner party.

An Ideal Menu

Essential with any menu is that it caters to the various tastes and preferences of guests, and the food on offer is relevant to the occasion. Aware that one of your workplace colleagues is vegetarian? Provide options which show your consideration. Are you hosting a number of senior managers at work and want to impress them? Perhaps don’t try that ambitious new recipe which is likely to go wrong. A lot of the time, choosing an appropriate menu will be influenced by context, so keep in mind the guests and occasion.


Entertainment And Conversation

The right entertainment and conversation can make or break the atmosphere of a dinner party, with awkward silences and bored guests unlikely to remember your occasion for the right reasons. Light entertainment to consider may include board games, party activities or even karaoke for the ambitious amongst us, but in the same way a menu should be dictated by the occasion, entertainment should be decided by who you are hosting. Conversation with guests should stay lighthearted and jovial.


Table Presentation

A well-presented table will give guests a positive impression of their host, with 100% combed cotton and 100% luxury linen table coverings from London Linen likely to wow friends and colleagues alike. We also recommend serviettes to be provided for guests, and with a range of designs and colours available within our online catalogue, you can match the napkins to any situation. Other presentation ideas may include laying out cutlery and starter plates before guests arrive and choosing a striking centrepiece.

Dress To Impress

Dressing for the occasion is advised, and making the dress code clear to guests before arrival can avoid some awkward mishaps. As the host of a dinner party, you should ensure you are looking presentable and smart, setting the tone for the evening with well-considered clothing choices. For those organising a themed dinner party, there should be scope for yourself and guests to be as creative as you like.


At London Linen, we provide quality linen products to a range of establishments across the capital, from casual restaurants, to recognisable Michelin starred locations. Having developed a range of high-quality products which range from traditional to contemporary chef aprons and linens, our methods of service compliment the customer experience with ease. Simply contact us today for information on our products and linen services. We are always happy to assist.

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