Keeping Employees Safe In A Busy Kitchen

Keeping Employees Safe In A Busy Kitchen

Restaurant kitchens are notoriously dangerous, with hot substances, sharp objects and slippery surfaces all to contend with. Though you can’t account for accidents and unexpected incidents, there are certain measures you can invest in beforehand to prevent injurious situations. London Linen are well-versed when it comes to all aspects of the restaurant industry, from show-stopping tabletop presentation to the very best kitchen-ready garments for employee protection. Read on for our practical guidance.

Training And Courses

Though many similar training schedules and courses are available for your kitchen staff, you will want to ensure that legislation is being complied with depending on your role in the restaurant hierarchy. By-law, anyone handling food must be compliant with The Food Hygiene Regulations 2006, as well as The Food Safety Act 1990,, while various levels of food hygiene certificate are required based on your role. Managers, for example, require the Level 3 Food Hygiene certificate.

Appropriate Apparel

Selecting appropriate apparel is crucial for the safety of chefs and kitchen staff, with the right apron, kitchen jacket or polo shirt often the difference between sustaining a serious burn, and minor injury.  Equipped with a durable linen exterior and integrating safety features, our chef clothing is also available in a selection of colours and designs, matching the theme of your restaurant and corresponding with company branding.

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Create a safe working environment by being cautious at all times, removing trip hazards from the floor, utilising signage and peer-to-peer communication, as well as acting sensibly and helpfully. Handling appliances and utensils in a safe manner is recommended, while you should consult manuals and paper guides if using an unfamiliar utility. Focus on the job-at-hand and avoid distractions such as phones, loose objects and gadgets - taking your eyes off the working area can quickly see hazards develop.

Don’t Overcompensate

Though you may be tempted to pack employees into the kitchen area with intentions of creating a quicker meal-preparation process, this can pose risks due to the proximity within which individuals will be stood. Less is often more when overseeing a restaurant kitchen, so organise processes carefully  and minimise obstructions when possible.

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