Improving Customer Satisfaction With Restaurant Uniforms

Improving Customer Satisfaction With Restaurant Uniforms

As the owner, manager or stakeholder in a new or long-term establishment, you’ll no-doubt be aware of the many factors that go into successfully running a restaurant. Be it a quaint local cafe, upmarket bistro or hip contemporary space, there are some areas in which you simply cannot cut corners, or risk losing out to competitors. Though seemingly a minor touch, the correct uniform for staff can not only enhance hygiene, help to strengthen your brand and provide a cohesive and recognisable look for your institution, but there are plenty of other perks to be found when you hire linen clothing.

Our range is always expanding, so let the trusted team at London Linen navigate you through just a selection of the very best products, alongside benefits of acquiring such items in 2023.

Why Linen?

A textile made from the fibres of the flax plant, linen is favoured by restaurant managers and stakeholders in the hospitality industry for plenty of reasons. This brilliant fabric material can be found within many of the most reputable establishments around the capital and wider United Kingdom. Able to seamlessly take in up to 20% of the overall weight it carries, this fabric is surprisingly breathable and absorbent - chosen not only for larger articles of restaurant clothing such as jackets and polo shirts, but as a material for towels and cloths too. Unlike cotton fabrics, linen gets softer and softer with each and every wash, meaning that there's no need for fabric softeners either.

The appearance of linen is that of a smooth and silky cloth, often dyed or patterned to enhance appearance and correspond with decor. The colourings and optional assorted designs of your chosen fabric will remain in place, generally remaining in a secure-yet-soft condition long-term, easy to arrange and keep in place. By incorporating environmental considerations into all of our decision making processes, provision of your linen restaurant clothing is increasingly sustainable too, so you need not worry about environmentally harmful processes when you acquire from us.

The Importance Of Formal Restaurant Uniforms

For restaurant staff and chefs, dressing the part doesn’t just involve appearing formal and representing the business, it varies depending on role and responsibilities. Luckily enough, at London Linen we understand the varying roles and duties within a modern eatery, providing clothing for chefs, servers, bar staff and more - each crafted from high quality material. Linen provided by us is durable and thick, yet comfortable against skin and warm but not overbearingly stuffy.


For those in need of long-sleeved kitchen clothing, we can deliver chef jackets and bragard jackets direct to your door, with timely delivery and friendly customer service guaranteed. Maintaining an easy-to-use online portal in which to manage your stocks and deliveries, we’re proud of our site, although always looking to improve based on customer feedback. All orders are customisable and even delivered with your unique logo if required.

Hygiene And Professionalism

Wearing an appropriate uniform within not only the kitchen space but also the serving area and restaurant floor is an important step towards hygiene and food safety. Chefs must wear the correct protective clothing in food preparation areas at all times, as this will help to ensure that any contaminants carried on normal clothing, such as dust or dirt, do not contaminate the food.

For guaranteed safety and cleanliness, London Linen offers a bespoke laundry service - which can be invaluable to hospitality establishments. Regularly laundering your linens can ensure that professional hygiene standards are upheld.

Brand Awareness

In any workplace, uniforms are integral when you want to easily identify staff, and this is especially significant in hospitality. In a busy restaurant or diner, it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between who works there and who is a customer, though uniforms mark employees out as immediately reliable to customers in need. Uniforms are usually bright or designed to stand out in some way, to help make employees easily identifiable, and our London Linen chef uniforms can easily showcase your brand. A shirt with your restaurant name or slogan can help customers easily identify an employee, while also promoting the brand and making your mark on otherwise unremarkable clothing choices.

Essential Clothing Items

Attire, cleanliness and service are all aspects of a high quality restaurant, and professional linen uniforms can certainly make your employees look extra reliable and trustworthy, improving customer satisfaction in an instant. Not simply restricted to just a couple of shabby accessories or branded items, below are some of the primary options to consider in 2023:

Chef Jackets

At London Linen, our chefs jackets are made from natural linen materials of the finest quality. The jacket is an integral part of any restaurant chef’s uniform, usually double breasted which provides an additional layer of protection from heat or any hot splashes of oil or boiling water. If the inevitable stain does occur, a chef can simply reverse the flaps, while our jacket also has long sleeves to protect the arms from burns while reaching into ovens or other appliances which could spell danger..

Professional Waiter Uniforms

Waiters and waitresses are generally the first staff members that customers will see, and it is important that these particular employees make a good impression. Generally waiters should wear a white shirt, black trousers, comfortable black shoes and a tie, though this will of course vary depending on the context and overall branding or dress code. You should choose a breathable material for your waiting staff’s uniform so that they do not get too hot, so why not contemplate our range? We provide breathable trousers and aprons which could be ideal for all of your waiting staff, available to order in bulk if required.

Chef Whites And Aprons

A striking white, crafted from the finest fabrics, reflective chef whites will repel heat instead of absorbing it, meaning a cool fit without unnecessary humidity for the wearer. Aprons act as an added layer of protection from heat, flames and stains - preventing cross contamination of food. Some aprons and whites within out range come with pockets, which enable the professional to access and carry equipment. Just give us a call, and discover why we’re number one for comfort, functionality, design and safety.

London Linen: Luxury Linens And Chef Whites For Your Industry

At London Linen, we always ensure that the products we supply are of pristine quality, tailored to meet the needs of your particular industry. Items in our factory go through strict quality control checks in order for customers to receive the very best, while our staff are fully trained in handling products carefully through every step of their journey. Providing quality linen across a range of restaurants and hotels within the capital and beyond, from casual dining to luxury facilities, we’ve developed service methods that complement and enhance the customer experience.

In terms of our products, we offer an ever-expanding selection of quality table linen, serviettes and chefs wear, crafted from ethically and sustainably sourced materials that are second to none. We source all of our products from reliable suppliers that we have long and trusted relationships with, so your items will never be lacking. As London’s restaurant scene has changed over that time, London Linen have invested in processes, linen ranges and people to ensure our service provision remains unparalleled in the culinary capital of the world, so simply contact us at your earliest convenience and we can arrange a suitable table linen hire or commercial linen service.

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