How to Wash Cotton, Denim and Linen

How to Wash Cotton, Denim and Linen

Nowadays, many different types of fabrics are used to make a whole range of products like clothing, table linen, bed sheets and towels. Given this variety, it’s important to understand how each fabric should be washed. Otherwise, you could risk shrinking and reducing the quality of your materials which is particularly frustrating for the hospitality industry. This guide will outline the best way to wash and dry the most common fabrics and explain the benefits behind using an expert linen company like London Linen as an alternative for your washing needs.


Cotton is the most common fabric used in clothing and other products alike. This is because it’s fairly inexpensive, durable and easy to manipulate and manufacture. It’s important to check the labels attached to your cotton products to know exactly how the manufacturer intended for them to be washed. However, as a general rule of thumb, whites can be washed in hot water whereas colours are best washed in warm or cool water. It’s important to avoid over-drying cotton products as this can cause them to shrink!



This is an interesting fabric because, technically, it’s specifically designed with a lack of washing in mind. Denim was originally created for farming and other ‘dirty’ industries through the industrial revolution.  Although it’s made largely from cotton, it has a very tough weave and it’s recommended that denim is washed on a fairly low temperature to avoid warping or distorting the shape of the fabric. Just bear in mind that they only need to be washed every once in a while!



Linen is a fabric that’s been used for millennia and it’s usually derived from the flax plant. It’s important to avoid overloading linen into a washer because it’s very effective at absorbing water. Therefore, it’s important to leave some room and to use cold water rather than hot water when you’re washing it. Because this fabric is prone to wrinkling, use a hot iron on the steam setting to smooth out any wrinkles and discrepancies. Just make sure you turn the product inside out, though, as you don’t want to ruin how it looks.


Using an Expert Hire Company

If you’re a hospitality business looking to streamline your process, a great way to ensure your washing is done correctly is to use an expert company like us here at London Linen. We provide various products like towels, uniforms and bed linen to a range of top-class hospitality establishments across the country and we do this in a very sustainable manner.


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