How to Run an Efficient Kitchen: From Chef Whites to Staff Training

How to Run an Efficient Kitchen: From Chef Whites to Staff Training

Running a successful restaurant starts and ends in the kitchen, with your establishment likely to be judged on customer service, punctuality, and of course, quality of food. An efficient kitchen should operate like a well-oiled machine, with many components working in tandem, resulting in a functional environment. There are plenty of factors to consider, from the minor details and additions, to the immediately noticeable and significant.

Within this practical guide, let London Linen take you through everything you need to know, including the importance of leadership from the top, menu and ingredient choices, alongside the crucial role of durable kitchen clothing when safeguarding employees and prioritising presentability.


The Modern Kitchen


Ideally, the modern kitchen is likely to be busy yet organised, with distinct roles for staff, various responsibilities, and a rigid system for ensuring meals are prepared and orders are fulfilled. Whether you oversee a small restaurant, huge pub, or friendly quaint cafe, there should always be procedures and predefined processes in place to be considered.


Most important to any kitchen is collaboration, so even if you follow all of the guidance within this blog, the results are unlikely to be satisfactory unless staff are willing to utilise teamwork. Organised team-players often make for the best match when it comes to efficiency in the kitchen, so consider the dynamic before establishing any new processes.


Leading By Example


Change often comes from the top down, so leading by example will set a precedent for the team to follow. Though it should go without saying, professionalism and punctuality are a good place to start, and making big decisions and important calls when required will establish your presence, especially if you’re taking over from a previous manager or team lead, and looking to change the workplace culture.


A good understanding of existing and new rules will place you in a good position to enforce them, so keep these stipulations in mind, and keep them visible and formatted in a memorable place.


Consider Technology


Though you may have purposefully shunned the introduction of complex technology in a kitchen, preferring traditional processes and equipment, even the biggest technophobe can benefit from some additions. Able to improve the accuracy and speed of services, systems can do everything from providing a credible  platform for house staff to keep in communication with kitchen staff, to interactive display screens for chefs, and self-ordering stations alongside scannable table QR codes. All of this can prevent unnecessary long-winded processes.


Dressing The Part


Dressing the part doesn’t simply involve appearing formal and representing your organisation, it varies depending on role and responsibilities, with London Linen providing clothing for multiple kitchen stakeholders, each crafted from high quality material. Linen provided by us is durable and thick, yet comfortable against skin and warm. For those in need of long-sleeved kitchen clothing, we can deliver chef jackets and bragard jackets direct to your establishment, with timely delivery and friendly customer service.


Alternatively, you may be looking to make a large order of chef aprons, and if so, we’re the perfect supplier to call upon. Maintaining an easy-to-use online portal in which to manage your stocks and deliveries, we’re proud of our service, although always looking to improve based on customer feedback. Other options include linen trousers and polo shirts, all customisable and delivered with your unique logo or design if required.


Updated Appliances


Very quickly, appliances and everyday kitchen utensils can become outdated, rendering them unnecessary for use in a busy and organised kitchen. One example of this would be an oven which is no longer able to hold the amount of food which was once required. Instances like this can result in processes being slowed down, and the streamlined efficiency of a kitchen being halted.


Good practice is to regularly audit the processes within a kitchen, keeping yourself aware of any potential improvements and declining kitchen appliances, as well as acknowledging any staff concerns.


Comprehensive Training


Staff training is an integral part of any workplace, with specific allocated days for upskilling, funded courses out of work hours, or even self-led guidance to team members. Training should refamiliarise your employees with their responsibilities, can teach new skills, or even aid leadership. Whether overseen by an accredited provider, carried out online, or handled by another member of your team, training is a fantastic way to show staff you care about their progression, and create a professional environment simultaneously.


Workstation Organisation


Organising employees into teams and setting up distinctive workstations will improve on cohesion and leave no doubt as to which individuals maintain which responsibilities. Allocating workstations will make for a more coordinated space, with less accidents and mistakes from paths being crossed and disorganisation. Workstations should remain clean, hygienic, and safe as a prerequisite, so putting rules in place before adopting new processes is advised.


Review The Menu And Ingredients


Much like the condition of appliances and utilities, certain recipes, ingredients, and items will likely become outdated in time, leaving you with big decisions to make in forming a new menu. Keeping a cohesive and relevant menu for your restaurant or pub will not only ensure you keep up with the latest trends, developments, and desirable cuisine choices, but this can actually make for more efficient kitchen processes, saving time for your staff.


Opting for simpler recipes and a smaller menu can cut down on the time taken to prepare meals, and makes for an easier task when training new starters or temporary staff members regarding the available dishes.


Linen Solutions For Varied Industries


Not only are our linen products perfect for the busy restaurant kitchen, but we keep reliable stock of other linen items which can be hired - and don’t compromise on quality. Read on below for other options, and click the title links for further information.


Kitchen Cloths And Hand Towels


Great for cleaning a messy restaurant kitchen or domestic space, kitchen cloths from London Linen benefit from the fact that linen dries quickly, quickly resolving any spillages or frequent accidents.


Similarly to kitchen cloths, hand towels made of linen will dry quickly, meaning that damp and moist towels are a thing of the past. Available in several colours and designs, choose a hand towel which accompanies branding and the desired aesthetic.


Tablecloth Linen And Decorative Napkins


Tablecloths and accompanying napkins can make all the difference to restaurant diners and guests,  with matching sets likely to look fantastic in the correct setting. Easily washable, all of our linen products benefit from sustainable production, manufactured from flax plants.


London Linen: Professional Chef Aprons And Restaurant Linen Hire In London


At London LInen, we maintain a reliable supply of quality linen products throughout the capital and beyond, assisting some of the most reputable eateries which London has to offer. From lovable local cafés, to award-winning Michelin-starred establishments at the heart of the city. Enhancing the customer experience is the intention with whatever we do, having developed a range of products both traditional and contemporary, using customer feedback to alter our product range  At our busiest, we process over 2.5 million pieces of linen a week, placing us among the busiest linen companies in the locality.


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