How to Offer the Ultimate Hotel Wedding Service

How to Offer the Ultimate Hotel Wedding Service

Nowadays you can get married almost anywhere and hotels have become a popular destination. If your hotel offers wedding services then you need to be on top form to ensure the married couple and their guests have the best day possible. In this blog, we explain some top tips for providing the ultimate wedding service.

Take care over the small touches

When it's your wedding day every little thing matters so take the time to finalize those finishing touches for your guests. For example, make sure the entrance is tidy and presentable so the guests have a good first impression of your hotel. Furthermore, prepare everything in good time so if you do spot anything it can be rectified quickly. When setting the tables, make sure your table linen is stain-free, especially on the top table or it may appear that you haven’t taken care.

Be attentive

The newlyweds should have a stress-free day so it’s your responsibility as hosts to keep an eye on everything. If you spot a guest wandering around, ask if they need any help, do guests need their glasses topping up? Be on high alert for anything that you can help with but equally keep a subtle distance so you don’t seem intrusive!

Go above and beyond

Weddings are one of the most special events a couple will experience with the lead up often being a few long years until the big day! Go above and beyond with your service and you won’t have any complaints. A nice little touch is to leave champagne and other complementary items in the honeymoon suite or other guest bedrooms - this won’t go unnoticed and will definitely be appreciated.


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