How To Make Your Restaurant Kitchen More Efficient

How To Make Your Restaurant Kitchen More Efficient

Every step of how your restaurant’s kitchen operates is of utmost importance to its efficiency. You might think that all you need to do is sort out the basics of the kitchen and its process, and then you’re all set to serve food of consistent quality. However, this is not the case, as running an efficient kitchen is a process which evolves over time. Read on for some useful steps to make your restaurant kitchen run effectively for customers and staff alike.

Establish Streamlined Layout

One of the most important steps in establishing an efficient restaurant kitchen is to establish a well-organized space. This should be a work area in which chefs can move around easily without being cramped and where all the utilities needed are both nearby and easily accessible.


A helpful idea is to consider the space between your stove, sink, and fridge as a triangle, one where the distance between each separate area should be within reach from each other, but with enough space so that the kitchen staff aren’t squished together. Movement within the triangle formed by your sink, stove, and fridge also shouldn’t require many steps between them.


Create An Effective Inventory System

Stock and inventory is the lifeblood of the kitchen, the building blocks that are needed to be delivered on time and before the past-by date, all so it can be used for your restaurant’s dishes. Managing an inventory system is essential in ensuring you are consistently able to cook your menu, and that you’re not wasting any food by getting too much delivered.


Track your inventory by having a rota of staff tracking the stock on a daily or weekly basis, and the consistency of this process will help you know what ingredients need to be replaced/prepared frequently as well as what stock goes to waste. Its a good idea to label everything, and make the frequently used items easy to access in order to simplify order preparation.


Have A Clear Hygiene Procedure

The Food Safety Act 1990 and its regulations made it an offence to process food for sale which is harmful to health, with an obligation on businesses to make sure all kitchen activities are undertaken in a hygienic way. It is for this reason that cleanliness is a crucial factor in managing your kitchen, and making it an efficient process ensures that there will be no hygiene issues.


Ensure all of your staff wear chef whites and chef jackets to create not only camaraderie amongst the kitchen staff, but also in an effort to follow hygiene standards. It might also be useful to establish a commercial laundry system to clean these chef jackets, chef whites, and kitchen towels. This will maintain good kitchen hygiene and keep the kitchen a clean place to make food.  Commercial laundry is an underrated step in the hygiene process, and the cleaning of chef white and jackets should be more frequently highlighted as a cleanliness risk.


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