How Tablecloth Hire Can Benefit Your Hospitality Business

How Tablecloth Hire Can Benefit Your Hospitality Business

Hiring a package of linen tablecloths can help to revitalise the interior of your restaurant - read on to find out more about the numerous benefits.

The hospitality industry delivers an essential service to millions of people every year, where restaurants, bars and hotels all allow us to enjoy business occasions or leisure time. These establishments must be fully equipped to deliver an impressive level of customer care whilst still being able to make a profit. To achieve this, resources and operations must be managed carefully at all times.


For restaurants in particular, tablecloth hire can be an affordable way to meet customer expectations whilst maintaining the necessary hygiene standards. Table linens offer a show of professionalism, where this fabric is also washable, stain resistant and long lasting. Read on to find out more about the many benefits of tablecloth hire for your hospitality business.


Professional Linens

One of the advantages of hiring tablecloth linens is that it allows you to equip your venue with professional accessories. Linen has a timeless and sophisticated quality that can elevate the entire atmosphere of your bar or restaurant. Your hiring company will offer you a wide variety of design options to help you to complement your existing decor, making for an attractive interior for your business.



Hiring your tablecloths is particularly beneficial for businesses on the lookout for flexible decor solutions. Due to the impermanent nature of hire packages, you will be able to adapt your linens as your business grows or changes. This means you can switch up colour palettes in accordance with your new branding, or you can easily order more tablecloths if you’re building a restaurant extension.


Cleaning Services

Another major benefit of hiring your linen tablecloths is that you can utilise your hiring team’s cleaning services. Most hire companies will regularly collect, launder and return their linens, meaning you don’t have to worry about completing this in house. Professional laundry services also deliver an unbeatable level of hygiene and cleanliness, so you can guarantee that your linens are well looked after.


London Linen: Tablecloth Rental Services For Your Business

At London Linen, we provide a comprehensive range of linen services, including table linen hire for your restaurant. Our priority is to deliver excellent linen products for your business, but beyond this, our team is also dedicated to making a difference in our community. We’re proud to announce that one of Johnson’s transport managers will be completing a sponsored 1300 mile bike ride from Cornwall to Dorset to raise money for 'Children with Cancer'.


Starting on the 26th February 2024, our Dorset Transport Manager Phil Martin will be completing his charity bike ride, stopping off at our various Johnsons Depots along the way. These stops will include Wrexham, Preston, Glasgow, Blaydon Upon Tyne, Grantham and London, finishing in Dorset.


For 35 years, Children with Cancer UK has funded much needed research into the causes of childhood cancers, and the development of better, kinder treatments. They also fund initiatives that support children and their families through cancer treatment and beyond.


Get in touch with us today to find out more about Phil’s journey or to contribute to his fundraising total.

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