How Poor-Quality Linen Services Can Affect Your Business

How Poor-Quality Linen Services Can Affect Your Business

Linen services are without question one of the first things any visitor will notice when they walk into your establishment. Whether you have a luxury spa, a beautiful hotel, or a stylish restaurant, you will need the best possible linen services to ensure that your linen looks brilliant. Though not everyone who visits your business will directly be looking at your linen, there is no question that subconsciously they will notice. Linen that looks dirty, messy, or out of place is one of the fastest ways to make your business feel unprofessional and messy. Though what actually is a linen service?

What is a linen service?

If you run a large hospitality business, we are you that you know just how many things you have to keep on top of to keep the business running efficiently. After all, these industries are all about first and lasting impressions and to make these stand out, you must deliver an amazing service. All of this means that there are a whole host of things which you and your staff will need to keep on top of to ensure that your business runs smoothly. Sometimes these roles can just get too much and you will need to outsource some to other companies so you can concentrate on keeping your guests happy.


So, one of the most effective things which you can outsource is, of course, the care of your linen. Keeping your linen clean and professional is one of the most time-consuming roles for any business, and outsourcing this to a trusted third-party company is one of the best things you can do for your business. It should make your operation run far better and ensure that you have stunning linen all the time which will really impress your customers. So, it’s a no-brainer then really. If you can, use a linen service for your business.

How to spot poor linen

You may will think that poor linen is a fairly easy thing to spot. After all, it's easy to see when something is dirty, right? Well, yes, while this is true unprofessional linen can come in many different forms and doesn't necessarily mean that anything is dirty. For example, linen that has not been ironed properly is an incredibly notable thing for visitors and while they may not consciously take note of the linen, all of these things will contribute to their overall opinion of the space.


So, in short, as a business owner, you should be looking in far more detail than simply if the linen is clean. You need to be identifying whether it has been ironed, if the linen is faded or looks a touch tired or if there are any signs of wear and tear. This way, your linen will always look incredibly professional and you can run an effective and successful hospitality business. 

How it can affect your business

So, now you know how to spot poor linen, let's discuss how this may affect your business. Of course, there are a huge variety of hospitality businesses out there and sometimes it is difficult to put them all under one umbrella. After all, these businesses function in very different ways and the relationships they have with their customers are far different. For example, poor linen service would affect a hotel business in a completely different way than perhaps a restaurant or spa. So, we have decided to split these main three hospitality sectors up to discuss how a dysfunctional linen service would affect them.


In short, hotels rely almost entirely on linen. You may not think it when you first walk into the building with the grand lights and captivating staircase, but the fact is that linen is everything in this industry. From the bed sheets and pillowcases to the napkins and tablecloths, linen is everywhere in hotels and you need to get this section of your business right. Of course, your staff will most likely have a myriad of jobs and responsibilities to attend to so choosing a linen service is absolutely essential. Though how can a poor line service affect your hotel's business?


Essentially, it all comes down to lasting impressions. While your food may be world-class and your service second to none, without quality linen, this will all mean nothing. Guests will come to your hotel expecting comfort. They will want the room to feel clean and the bed to be incredibly comfortable and without a brilliant linen service this will frankly be impossible. If the linen is not up to the standard, they will check out feeling a touch disappointed with the service and this could spell disaster for the future. They may decide that they never want to visit your hotel again or worse still, they might even leave a bad review on your website or a compassion website.


One of the most important parts of producing great restaurant service is you need your guests to truly feel like they are in a quality establishment. Of course, the food will be the main thing that will do this but one of the other key aspects of this is the general aesthetics of the area. There are many things which come into making a space feel vibrant and comfortable and one of these is, of course, the linen. It will likely be one of the first things people notice when they sit down, so getting it right is imperative. So, how can poor-quality linen affect your restaurant?


First things first, if your linen does not seem like it is of a proficient quality your guests will subconsciously have this assumption about your food. So, even if your food is incredible and your chefs are world-renowned, your guests will always have a first impression after seeing the quality of your linen. This will mean that you and your staff will be constantly fighting an uphill battle to impress your guests and make them feel like they have had a brilliant and entertaining evening. What’s more, your guests may even feel that your restaurant has poor hygiene which can be terrible for your reputation.


Naturally, spas are the place where many people go to completely relax. The stresses of modern life are often difficult to ignore, and sometimes the best way to completely switch off is to take a day off and go to a relaxing spa. Of course, you will need your spa to be in pristine condition so you can focus on relaxing and have the best time possible for your money. As a business owner, you should strive to achieve this by making your spa incredibly clean and tidy while striving to create a fantastic atmosphere. One of the main things to consider in all of this is the linen.


With a poor-quality linen service, you run the risk of making your spa feel almost unhygienic, which is the last thing you want anyone to think about when they walk into your spa. So, make sure that your linen is constantly kept in pristine condition. What’s more, a poor-quality linen service may also make your premises feel a touch tired or dated, which may distract from the overall feeling of quality and professionalism. So, with a quality linen service, you can avoid these things and create a brilliant atmosphere where your guests will want to return again and again.


Of course, sometimes running linen service can be a touch too much for your staff to deal with especially as they will have so much more on their plate. So, make the job easier and hire a professional linen service.


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Published on: Mar 09, 2023

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