How Do Commercial Linen Hire Services Work?

How Do Commercial Linen Hire Services Work?

Linen is a versatile material which is often used as an alternative to other fabrics such as cotton. Used for a wide variety of products, it is lightweight enough to be utilised for clothing, but also strong and durable enough to be found in towels and bedsheets. Linen products are located frequently within restaurants, and become a necessity within high-end establishments for everything from tablecloths and napkins to chef whites. When searching for a reliable linen supplier within the capital, you will likely require a company who value quality, sustainability and flexibility, all while maintaining a diverse and affordable service.

At London Linen, we remain passionate about helping everyone from managers of café delis, to stakeholders of Michelin starred establishments. Able to deliver and supply everything from contemporary practical clothing, to traditional table linens for presentation, we also maintain a reliable laundry service and dry cleaning services for individual needs. Continue reading for an extensive breakdown of how commercial linen hire services work.

Commercial Linen Hire Explained

Linen products are increasingly popular within the restaurant and hotel industries, meaning that many establishments decide to outsource the hire of their linen to a trusted provider in the locality. Many establishments require a trustworthy and consistent supply of such products, and for these reasons we tailor our times and frequency of delivery to your needs, even providing emergency delivery on demand. Once clients are satisfied with the notable quality of their hired linen, they can decide to keep the products on a permanent basis, with London Linen offering both temporary hire and outright purchase options for our highly-regarded restaurant solutions. Linen products are created with the utmost craftsmanship and care, whether you’re looking to improve the comfort of your kitchen team while they produce the latest additions to your menu, or you’re prioritising tabletop presentation for the grand opening of your new establishment, our track record is second-to-none when it comes to supplying for premium dining experiences.


The linen hire process will always begin in one of our factories, where our team works hard to maintain quality, all while following processes which are environmentally conscious  and comprehensive. Industry professionals will endeavour to follow strict quality control checks, tailoring products to meet specific needs and purposes, with damage-resistant  finishes and aesthetically pleasing designs. Staff are trained to handle products carefully throughout every step of the journey prior to arrival at your location, so you can rest assured that first class service is maintained.

Progressive when it comes to eco-friendly manufacturing, at London Linen we have won multiple awards which recognise our efforts in this area, as we strive to make the most of energy efficient factory machinery, water recycling, packaging reductions, sustainable cleaning products and much more. Commercial laundering is notably much more sustainable than domestic processing, and by using rental services once products have been manufactured,  customers can be confident that they are benefitting from the most environmentally aware solution for their uniforms and decorative linen.

Washing And Treating

Washing and treating linen is just as important as manufacturing a quality product in the first place, with well-maintained linen clothing and products able to retain their original quality and function for extended periods of time. All commercial linen products will be efficiently treated before delivery, making them appropriate for long-term use and ready to be washed when required. Linen becomes softer and more absorbent after each wash, meaning that regular washing and caring for linen products won’t see them decline in practicality.

A recent 84.4% customer satisfaction rating is testament to the lasting quality of our items, and with many happy returning clients from around the capital city, we build relationships which last the test of time. By washing and treating linen via laundry service and dry cleaning services, we are confident that the products you receive will arrive ready for immediate application within your industry, saving you time as your bespoke linen offering can instantly be used for decorative or practical purposes.


Handling deliveries across London, we maintain a network of helpful drivers around the capital to ensure efficient and quick delivery at your convenience. Although based in London, we can deliver further afield when required, maximising the outreach of our quality fabric clothing and hospitality solutions. Secure storage and transport will ensure that your chosen items arrive in the very best condition imaginable, while your linen solutions will turn up on time guaranteeing your business can operate smoothly as you transition to our premium products. As a leading laundry supplier within London and the surrounding areas, you can rely on us to deliver the goods you need. Please contact us and we will provide you with all the details. Our past and repeat clients include Coppa Club, Corbin & King as well as The Five Fields, highlighting our provision of industry-standard linen to reputable establishments citywide.

Our Product Range

Our range spans everything from spotless white table linen, to visually impressive patterned serviettes and coloured aprons to match the branding of your establishment, ensuring both comfort in the kitchen and a cohesive aesthetic throughout the entire space. Here are just a couple of the popular products we stock, with a brief description of their practical purposes and benefits:

Long Sleeve Black Chef Jacket

Having been active within the restaurant industry for many years, we understand what chefs desire in their clothing, with our range of commercial linen chef wear perfectly tailored to the hectic kitchen environment. Taking into consideration varied elements such as comfort, functionality, temperature, design and safety, the long sleeve black chef jacket ensures arm and body protection against harmful or hot substances, while remaining a functional garment for the busy workplace.

Exclusive White 100% Linen Serviettes

Restaurant tables are one of the first sights that a customer will lay their eyes upon, therefore they should be organised, clean and ready for a memorable dining experience. We ensure that our products can create a valuable first impression with diners, representing the definitive quality of a local linen supplier who have reputation in mind. Sending an instant message of quality, class and style to customers, our exclusive range of white 100% linen serviettes are the perfect accompaniment for a high-end environment.

Additional Ranges

Browse our complete catalogue of linen ranges within our brochure to discover your ideal kitchen clothing or table display offering. Images of each product can be browsed, with hire and outright purchase options for flexibility. The detailed brochure also communicates our values and future goals, with appraisals from some of the organisations we work with.

London Linen: Commercial Linen And Chef Clothing In London

At London Linen, we remain committed to supplying products which are not only of the highest quality, but also specific to your unique needs. Our items all go through extensive checks before being dispatched to customers and clients, with staff fully trained in how to handle products carefully throughout each step of the journey. Ensuring a first-class service is maintained , we offer own brand tablecloths as well as an expansive selection of reputable branded napkins for your establishment. With a flexible kitchen service to suit your team and situation, we’re ideal If you’re looking for special linen or napkins to enhance your brand.

Not simply limited to serviettes and premium table linen, we are renowned for our collection of chefs wear. Utilising quality cotton, natural linen and various other ethically sourced materials,  We source all of our goods from trustworthy long-term suppliers who have sustainability and wellbeing within their ethos. Having worked in the industry for over 80 years, we have accumulated experience and invaluable knowledge to strengthen our core values of quality and customer service, doing everything we possibly can to deliver a product that we remain proud of. Contact us today for more information on how we can help your business with our linen supply, laundry service and dry cleaning services.

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