How A Laundry Service Can Help Your Restaurant Or Hotel

How A Laundry Service Can Help Your Restaurant Or Hotel

Running a hotel or restaurant is an incredibly busy and even sometimes stressful ordeal. Aside from the usual tasks, your staff have also got to look after the guests and make sure that they’re providing the best possible service. Laundry is one of the most time-consuming jobs in any customer service industry and there's no guessing why really.

Aside from the vast amount of uniforms you and your staff get through, there are also bed sheets, tablecloths, and much more besides. Taking some of the stress off this side of your work is of course a welcome relief to most people. So, what are some other benefits of a laundry service and why should you use one?


The hospitality industry is frantic and often last-minute industry and more often than not, you’ll be planning table layouts and menus right up to the wire. You’ll only need to phone up a local restaurant on a Saturday night to witness first-hand the hustle and bustle of a venue during service hours. One of the most frustrating areas of all of this is planning and preparing items which sometimes the customers won’t even see or notice. Laundry is one of these things and while it is vital, making sure it takes up as little time and energy as possible is key.

Using a laundry system that is adaptable will benefit your business in several ways and this may even increase your turnover. One of these benefits is you’ll be able to set up any table configuration you need for the evening.

Let’s say you’ve just had a large walk-in group come through the door and you’ve got enough space for them but just not the layout to accommodate a party of this size. Having used a laundry service, the likelihood is that you’ll have a plethora of table clothes in your storeroom. So, you can easily lay a large table and get them sat down and eating in no time at all.

More than just laundry

For many hotels and restaurants, laundry goes much further than bed sheets and tablecloths and venues must be ready for all eventualities. Aside from washing and cleaning your own laundry, you should also have the option to hire more linen if you need to. Perhaps you’re having a large event in your hotel and the business has invited most of its staff and shareholders to enjoy a celebratory meal. In this circumstance, it is likely you won’t have enough linen to set the tables in your restaurant and the function room simultaneously. In this case, having the option to hire some more linen would be extremely beneficial.

There's also the small issue of chef whites. For hotel and restaurant owners, it only takes those two words and usually, they’ll break out in a cold sweat worrying about when they’re going to need to buy their next batch of uniforms. However, with a laundry service, you can look after your chef whites much better and make sure they last for several seasons. Having a dedicated service that washes and supplies your uniform will also take a huge amount of pressure off your staff and ensure that they look ship shape on every shift.

Saves money

Keeping your costs and overheads down is naturally an important aspect of any business and, in the hospitality industry, this is no different. Money can quickly build up in this industry and when you’re running a venue, you need to have some in the bank for any unforeseen issues. Your building might need maintenance, for example, or perhaps your rooms need redecorating after a busy summer season. Whatever the issue one thing is for sure, fixing it will likely require a little money and time. This brings us to the next benefit.

Hiring a linen company will save you a huge amount of time. You’ll no longer have to spend hours each day washing the line yourselves. Instead, you can simply send it off and have a new fresh set of linen ready for you the next day. Saving you and your staff time will make your business run far smoother and ensure you achieve brilliant customer satisfaction on every occasion. It will also free up your staff so they can get on with jobs that may have been ignored or delayed for some time. So, the knock-on effects of saving both time and money will likely improve your business exponentially.

Improves hygiene

Impeccable hygiene is one of the most important parts of the hospitality industry and there's no guessing why really. In fact, many experts would cite hygiene as the most important aspect and we certainly wouldn't disagree with them.

Customers look out for the level of hygiene before they book to stay in a hotel or eat in a restaurant and it's completely understandable why they do this. After all, poor hygiene can be extremely dangerous and the effects of contamination or mould, in some cases, can be severe. Therefore, making sure your hotel or restaurant is clean and hygienic is imperative to a successful business.

One of the most important aspects of your business to control in order to maintain a good level of hygiene is of course your linen. Bed sheets, uniforms, and tablecloths can all host many harmful bacteria which, if left, can spread and cause illness to both your staff and your customers. Clearly, no business owner wants to have this level of hygiene on their premises, so it is vital you do everything you can to mitigate the chances of this happening.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent this level of hygiene is to use a linen service. They will clean your sheets and clothing to a professional standard and ensure that nothing can harm anyone.

Makes your life easier

Hospitality is unquestionably one of the most intense industries to work in so anything that can make your job a little easier is of course welcome relief. Your laundry is likely one of the biggest jobs you have especially if your restaurant has a lot of tables or your hotel features multiple rooms. So with a laundry service, you can drastically reduce the amount of time you spend on your laundry which will save you time and perhaps most importantly money.

The staff which you used to employ to wash your laundry can now start jobs within your venue which may well have taken a back seat in recent months. This will mean you and your guests will likely start to see a genuine difference in how the place looks. This increased visual appeal is never a bad thing and the likelihood is you’ll get more guests and better reviews as a consequence.

So, we’re sure you’re now strongly considering a linen service and we don't blame you! After all, they can save you time and money all while taking a huge weight off of your shoulders.

Provides top-quality linen

Linen is extremely expensive and we’re sure if you’ve been running your hospitality business for a few years then you’re only too aware of these costs. Unfortunately, the increased prices in linen have meant many of those who choose not to hire linen have to take fairly large reductions in the quality of the material they buy. It goes without saying really that choosing to reduce the quality of your linen will also reduce the overall aesthetics of your hotel or restaurant. However, there is a solution.

If you choose a linen service they will look after the materials in the best way possible and make your item last as long as possible. What's More, you can also hire top-quality linen so if you don’t want to buy expensive materials then you can simply rent them for a fraction of the price.

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