Family Dinner, Lunch With Friends Or Formal Meal? A Table Setting For Every Occasion

Family Dinner, Lunch With Friends Or Formal Meal? A Table Setting For Every Occasion

Table settings are a great way to add an additional dimension to your dining experience. But did you know about the various types of table settings for different occasions? So whether you’re setting the table for your family, have friends over for a meal or are hosting a formal dinner, there are different ways to present your table. Read on for a quick guide to table settings.

Basic Table Setting

A basic table setting is something you can do on a daily basis for meals. It’s simple enough to be set out quickly and the right way to do it is probably already in your head from years of laying a table.


Start with the dinner plate in the middle, with a knife and spoon on the right of it. Take your napkin or serviette and place it on the left side, with the fork resting on top. You then put the water glass above the place and slightly to the right.

Casual Table Setting

If you’re having a laid back dinner party or a meal with friends, you might consider a casual table setting instead. For this, start with the dinner plate, with a salad plate and soup bowl on top if you’re serving these courses. To the right are your knife and a soup spoon, while your fork rests on the napkin to the left.


Include a salad fork as well if you’re serving this course. You then place the water glass directly above the knife and a wine glass to the right and slightly above this.

Formal Dinner Setting

If you’re hosting a formal dinner with a three-course meal being served, a formal dinner setting is a way to go. There are many elements to this setting. This is how you set it up:


Place a charger in the middle, this is a presentation plate that goes below other dishes, with a soup bowl on top. Place a bread plate to the top left, with a butter knife vertically on top, the edge facing away from the rest of the setting. Lay a napkin to the left of the charger, with a salad fork on the outside and the dinner fork on the inside on top of the napkin. On the right, place the knife on the inside and then a soup spoon. Above the charger place a soup spoon. All cutlery is usually spaced around half an inch away from each other. Above the knife, place a water glass and then place a red wine glass to the right of this, with a white wine glass slightly below it.

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