The Importance of Hygienic Linen in Restaurants, Pubs and Hotels During the Pandemic

The Importance of Hygienic Linen in Restaurants, Pubs and Hotels During the Pandemic

Maintaining excellent hygiene standards should be a main priority right now for all businesses, not only for the safety of customers but your staff too. One way of ensuring this is to invest in hygienic linen to prevent cross-contamination and make the environment much more comfortable for everyone. Here’s all you need to know about the importance of hygienic linen.

Clean hotel rooms

Despite the changing rules in terms of travel, in some cases, people are still using hotels for work and other important reasons. As a hotel owner, it’s your responsibility to provide a clean space for your customers which means using fresh bed linen, towels and being extra vigilant about cleaning the room inbetween guests. Staying in unfamiliar places is a worry for many so the last thing they want is to stay in an untidy room.

Hygienic uniforms for staff

Whether you’re offering takeaway services or your preparing for your next reopening, your staff members must be on top of hygiene expectations. A clean uniform is essential. For example, hiring professional chefs wear will arrive industrially cleaned and with convenient collections and deliveries, they will always have a hygienic uniform to wear. Doing so will reduce the risk of spreading germs throughout the business and to customers.

Spotless table linen

If your pub, cafe or restaurant is allowed to open then you will need to keep the area as clean as possible. It’s a good idea to wipe down seating, condiments and the table before each customer arrives, plus, laying new table linen at the start of each day will keep your businesses hygienic. Think about how many people could be sitting in one spot. That’s a lot of germs that could be spread but making a few changes and staying on top of cleaning routines will make all the difference.

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