Dress your chefs for kitchen success with Johnsons London Linen

Dress your chefs for kitchen success with Johnsons London Linen

Here are just a handful of reasons why chef’s uniforms are so important.


One of the reasons that staff uniforms are used in any industry is to help employees feel the part. Pristine chef’s uniforms create a sense of camaraderie, and a feeling of being part of a team as well as helping them to take pride in cheffing work and their careers. By providing proper, high quality chef’s uniforms to your staff you’re creating a sense of professionalism and pride.


Look great

We have a great range of jackets, trousers and aprons to choose from.

You don’t want your staff with tatty, faded or scruffy uniforms. However, you also want to be able to wash them as often as necessary. This means that all of your quality chef’s whites and kitchen linen will need to be highly durable.



Our quality chef’s trousers and jackets provide durable protection from burns, sharp objects and spills. They are loose-fitting enough to protect against scalding liquids that would otherwise be held close against the skin.



In the fast paced and demanding environment of a professional kitchen, you need to make sure that nothing is holding your chefs back. If their clothes aren’t comfortable, or they’re too hot or cold, you can’t expect them to perform at their best. That’s why all of our chef’s wear for hire is top quality and both soft and breathable.

Make sure your whole kitchen team look the part with Johnsons London Linen. See our great selection of products and find out how our professional linen hire service could help your business.

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