Care Guide For Luxury Table Linen

Care Guide For Luxury Table Linen

Investing in high-quality table linen for your restaurant or hospitality business cannot be underestimated. It’s incredibly important that you get it right and care for them well. A well-set table is the hallmark of a good restaurant experience. With the right care, your table linens will endure in performance for many years to come. Here’s how to make sure you are caring for your table linens properly and getting the most out of them.

Caring for your table linen

The quicker you clean a stain the better the chance you have of removing it. Use a quality enzyme-based treatment and apply gently to the mark, without rubbing. Don’t use chlorine bleach because this will damage the fabric and will cause it to yellow. It is helpful to test a new product on a hidden area of your linen to check that it doesn’t remove the colour or cause unsightly stains.


How to store your table linens

Cleaning your table linen is one thing but taking the time to do this is pointless if you don’t store them properly. With this in mind, store table linens hung up on hangers (without any use of plastic) to stop crease marks from the setting in the material, which can weaken the fibers, durability, and quality of the material over time.


It is also important that you store your collection of table linens in a well-ventilated space. Cover your luxury linens only in cotton, linen, or muslin, or wrap in acid-free tissue. Don’t use plastic, cardboard, or a cedar chest to store your table linens.


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