Around the World in Different Table Settings

Around the World in Different Table Settings

From the United Kingdom to the other side of the globe, the dining table has long been a gathering place for friends, family, and food. But the food itself isn’t the only sneak peek into a culture or cuisine. With this in mind, pull up a chair at any of these table settings for a taste of what dining feels like around the world!


The Chinese often dine sat around round tables with a Lazy Susan turntable which is ideal for bigger groups of people as this allows for the easy sharing of dishes, although square and rectangle tables are used also for small groups. Table settings include chopsticks and a spoon for cutlery and a large plate, small bowl, empty rice bowl and a teacup for dining. The cutlery is often situated to the right of the plate. There is also a seating structure when it comes to Chinese dining etiquette. The oldest person or the person with higher status faces the entrance and has the most central seat at the table.


As a tradition, the British dining set up resembled that of the modern dining set up. Everything is based around utensils this being a central plate and a smaller plate. You have a few utensils for different courses, the smaller plate for bread, and a napkin to put on your lap while eating. Everything on the table tends is to be lined up in order of usage, with the outer utensils being used first and you make your way inwards towards the plate as you go through the courses.


Much like the variations of its national cuisine, Mexican table placing are lively and colourful. Bright, woven table runners, placemats, and napkins are used for both formal and informal meals. Papel Picao, brightly-coloured banners are put up to represent Mexican heritage. Candles and fresh flowers are almost always placed at the centre of the dining table. At more formal meals, the host will be seated at the head of the table, and the guest of honour is often seated immediately to the right of the host.


Whether you’re eating in in a five-star Parisian restaurant or at a rustic, family farm table, French dining is always effortless and chic. Serving platters are often mixed and matched, as a way to display special antiques or family heirlooms, and utensils are arranged in the order they are eaten on. Informal but good-quality linens are often used, and an unsculpted, hand-plucked flower arrangement can often be found at the middle of the table setting.


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