5 Reasons You Should Use Table Linen At Your Restaurant

5 Reasons You Should Use Table Linen At Your Restaurant

Often overlooked but ever important within the hospitality industry, are the tablecloths, napkins and serviettes that dress the tables and bars we eat off.  Let’s face it, we’ve all been to restaurants and noticed stains on napkins or marks on tablecloths and allowed it to influence our opinion from the get-go.

But, aside from the fact that it’s traditional and common in almost every restaurant, why do we use linen?

Here are London Linen’s 5 reasons to use Linen in your restaurant.


One of the most universally understood reasons for the use of tablecloths and napkins is the fact they are more sanitary.

By using a tablecloth, it means that it can be changed for a fresh one between each cover. This is more hygienic than wiping down a bare table between customers and can also be implemented during a busy service when a swift re-setting of the table is required.

Of course, tablecloths are also all cleaned after service each day, killing off any germs or dirt entirely.


Another huge benefit of using linen rather than disposable napkins and tablecloths is that it is far more environmentally friendly. In a world that is growing ever more conscious of waste and its impact on the climate, ensuring we do our bit within hospitality is crucial. Reusable napkins and table linen are far more environmentally friendly than single use products.


One advantage of linen napkins and tablecloths that many people aren’t aware of is the effect they have on the atmosphere of a restaurant. Specifically, linen products are excellent at reducing the noise of a restaurant setting by dampening the sound of cutlery, crockery and glasses. Additionally, they prevent the reflection of sound from hard wooden surfaces, meaning the overall acoustics of a restaurant will be more pleasant and less overwhelming.


Following on from the creation of a pleasant atmosphere through the reduction of noise in a dining environment, table linen plays a vital role in the aesthetics of a restaurant. Not only do tablecloths and napkins make a table look cleaner and more uniform, they clarify a sense of hygiene and professionality to the diner.

When faced with a table that appears clean, well laid and appealing, customers are assured that the rest of their experience will be of an equally high standard. It is, of course, important to use high-quality table linen such as that available from London Linen.


Finally, using tablecloths is an incredibly efficient way of preventing and containing spillages should a guest or waiter knock a glass or bottle. The fabric of table linen is great at absorbing liquid, stopping it spilling over the edge of the table onto a lap or the floor.

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