3 ways linen hire can assist with table turnover in your restaurant

3 ways linen hire can assist with table turnover in your restaurant

Good staff training, organised table layouts and up-to-date technology being used by staff will all work together to create a seamless and positive environment for both staff and guests. This seamlessness will be very helpful for your table turnover.

One perhaps underrated technique you can utilise in your restaurant is to have professional linen hire for your table linen. Here are just a handful of ways quality linen can help the table turnover in your restaurant.

1. Speed

For your restaurant staff, restaurant linen is hugely practical when it comes to resetting tables as quickly as possible. The linen provides an absorbent surface that soaks up spills quickly, prevents damage from glasses that have been knocked over and speeds up the turnaround between guests leaving and a new table being set.

All your staff have to do is simply whisk away the use tablecloth, replace it with a new, pristine table linen, and then reset the table places. Easy as that!


2. Uniformity

For any restaurant, from high-end fine dining establishments to cosy local cafes, making the right choice of restaurant linen can be the finishing touch your business is looking for. When it comes to resetting tables between diners, this allows a perfectly uniform finish with much less room for error.


3. Hygiene

By using a professional linen hire service, such as Johnsons London Linen, you can rest assured that all of your restaurant linen has be laundered to an impeccably hygienic standard. This means simply by removing the use table linen, and replacing it with a fresh tablecloth, you’re already well on the way to a hygienic dining environment.

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