Why Linens are Crucial to a Greener Restaurant

Why Linens are Crucial to a Greener Restaurant

We all know about recycling, biodegradable containers and buying local, but did you know that table linens are one of the most eco-friendly choices your business can make? People are becoming increasingly aware of the need to protect the environment and, by prioritising sustainability, your business could make a real difference! London Linen are proud advocates for the environment, having proven time and time again that sustainability is central to our mission. To help you reach your sustainability goals, we’ve created this resource to explain why linens are the key to a greener business.

Choose greener materials

Linen is great for the planet, largely because it comes from the planet. It’s a natural cloth made from the flax plant, which requires few to no treatments like pesticides, fertilisers, or irrigation. A bit of space to grow and a splash of rainwater is all it needs!

While there are some environmental downsides - e.g. the emissions from initial production - linen is still one of the best materials. It’s long-lasting and gets stronger with each wash, is often untreated, has extra-absorbent and anti-allergenic qualities, and some of the emissions involved can be reduced if desired.

By comparison, even recycled paper products are often treated with bleach or other harmful chemicals, are less durable, and are single-use, so the overall emissions and water waste are greater than linen products.

Cotton, again, isn’t as durable as linen, is usually highly treated, isn’t as absorbent, and doesn’t boast the same antibacterial qualities. The cotton industry also has  a much higher exploitation rate and far lower standards of living than the linen industry. Cotton is often still more sustainable than paper, however, and is usually more affordable than linen, so opting for organic, Fairtrade cotton is still okay!

Choose greener suppliers

In order to get the most sustainable linens, you’re going to need a good supplier. Any linen that has been treated with chemicals or interwoven with synthetic fibres will be less sustainable, so make sure you know exactly what you’re buying! The best way to do this is to check that the material is 100% natural (or as close to it as possible) and look for reliable sustainability and ethics certifications - this proves that the production process has upheld specific standards, meaning you can be quite sure your product isn’t harmful to the planet or the people on it.

It’s worth doing your research when it comes to suppliers - if they’re committed to protecting the environment, they’ll want you to know about it. London Linen has made its Sustainability Policy and environmental goals and achievements public so that you can be informed about, and certain of, our dedication to the cause.

We’ve already made our laundry wrap 100% recyclable, reduced emissions within our delivery team, implemented a recycling scheme, and invested in energy-efficient machinery. If your supplier is reluctant to do the same, or isn’t transparent about their processes, chances are their priorities lie elsewhere.

By choosing London Linen for your restaurant linen hire, you can be confident that your linens have been handled in an environmentally responsible way. To find out more about our commitment to the planet or the services we offer, visit our website or contact us today.

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