What Makes Microfibre Cloths So Special?

What Makes Microfibre Cloths So Special?

Microfibre cloths have revolutionised washing. They’ve removed the need for detergents and they’re much better for the environment, as well as being a more energy-efficient option. Especially when they’re supplied by us here at London Linen, they can greatly streamline your hospitality process.

Why Do We Need Microfibre Cloths?

Water is already good at breaking down a lot of different types of dirt. Water with a detergent or washing up liquid pushes this further, helping to break dirt down quicker and faster. Microfibre cloths are another level; they’re an example of how science can make our everyday lives easier and more hassle-free.


Detergents aren’t brilliant, especially for the hospitality industry. Not only are they costly when you’re washing very frequently but they’re also irritating to the skin, especially for those who have allergies, acne and skin conditions. Once a detergent has been used and has cleaned the dirt from whatever you’re cleaning, these chemicals then go down the sink and end up polluting water.


How Do They Work?

If washing with detergent is ‘chemical cleaning’ then washing with microfibre cloths is regarded as ‘mechanical cleaning.’ Here’s how it works:


Where microfibre pushes the boundary is by removing the need for detergents. Microfibre cloths work by using millions and millions of tiny little bristles, each of which is roughly 3 to 5 micrometres in diameter which is a fraction of the size of a strand of human hair. Because they’re so small, they can hook onto the smallest particles of dirt and dust. This means they’re able to clean much more effectively than detergent and without the above side effects.


It’s generally advised to use as little water as possible with microfibre cloths. If you’re cleaning a window, for example, remove as much grime and dirt as possible via other methods first. Then you’ll want to finish the windows off with a microfibre cloth, picking up what would otherwise be left behind.


How Will Microfibre Cloths Benefit the Hospitality Industry?

Crucially, microfibre cloths have the potential to hugely benefit the hospitality industry. A lot of businesses like bars, restaurants, and especially hotels, spend a lot of money on the amount of energy required to clean everything, from dishes to windows. The cost of constantly replacing cloths and buying endless amounts of detergents piles up over time.


Here at London Linen, we want to streamline the hospitality industry’s practices so our clients’ businesses can gain the upper hand. Not only are our microfibre cloths more sustainable because they don’t require a detergent, but our processes are also very positive for the environment given the current climate crisis.


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