Transform Your Restaurant For Valentine's Day | London Linen

Transform Your Restaurant For Valentine's Day | London Linen

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to attract lovestruck couples to your restaurant - read on to find out how to transform your establishment.

The 14th of February comes around just once a year, where this special day is a chance to celebrate all things romance. This date is typically marked with flowers, gifts and the definitive colours red and pink, where confessions of everlasting love and devotion are recommended.


When it comes to Valentine’s Day, nothing says love like a luxurious dining experience, where the opportunity to share a delicious meal across a candlelit table is one that thousands of couples seize upon every year. As such, this is a moment for restaurants to capitalise on, where romantic, themed evenings can be used to drum up business and entice new diners.


Read on to find out how you can transform your establishment in order to attract hordes of hungry lovebirds on Valentine’s Day, with a look at how high quality table linen in particular can make a real difference.


Creating A Romantic Atmosphere

If you’re looking to transform your restaurant for Valentine’s Day, your top priority should be the creation of a love-inducing atmosphere. Instead of thinking about individual table settings or food items, you should envision how everything will come together to make diners feel romantic. Some details that can help you to achieve this big picture may include:



No one wants to be subjected to a romantic dinner under bright fluorescent lighting, as this can quickly sabotage any attempts to create a cosy atmosphere. Consider investing in secondary lighting such as table lamps, fairy lights and candles to keep your space feeling soft and warm, where dark corners are perfect for stolen kisses over the entrées.



As with any festive occasion, decorations can help diners to get in the mood to celebrate. When it comes to your Valentine’s Day decor, you should think about the colour scheme you want to go with, whether you want to run with the cliché red and pink or with something a little more subtle. You may also wish to add flowers, garlands or balloons to your space in order to make the most of the special day.


Seating Arrangements

Your restaurant may already be set up for couples to enjoy a private dining experience. If not, you might want to think about adding tables for two, with a range of seating options for diners to choose from. Opposite seats across a table is one way to create an intimate setting, whilst cosy booth seating and the option to seat a couple next to each other can also make your clientele happy on this romantic occasion.



Although it is not essential to craft a wholly original menu for Valentine’s Day, it can be advantageous to make some small tweaks. You may wish to draw attention to your sharing platters, where these can make the perfect choice for a romantic dinner. Adding speciality starters, desserts and drinks can also add to the sense of occasion and attract diners to your establishment.



Music is a big part of your restaurant atmosphere, where this can quickly add to or take away from the vibe you’re trying to create. Select a playlist that suits the romantic mood without being too intrusive. Always make sure that the volume is not set too loud, as this can drown out intimate conversations and cause frustration amongst your diners. Consider investing in a live classical musician for a traditional feel, where a harpist or violinist could be the perfect final touch.



Valentine’s Day is synonymous with flowers, where these tokens of love can be used throughout your restaurant to cultivate an appropriate romantic atmosphere. Small vases of fresh flowers can make a beautiful addition to your table setting, where these can complement your chosen colour scheme. Consider using floral garlands or dried flower petals to emphasise your romantic theme throughout the rest of your space.


Table Linens

Your table settings can also be used to make diners feel special, where a thoughtful arrangement of napkins, placemats and tablecloths can create a luxurious and high end restaurant experience. Linen accessories immediately make your table layout more sophisticated, perfect for crafting an atmosphere of opulence and romance for this special day.


Opt for a classic array of white linens to make your food stand out, or choose a pop of colour for your napkins to draw on your Valentine’s colour scheme. Your choice of linens can then be complemented with a tasteful array of ornaments, polished glasses and premium quality utensils for the ultimate romantic experience.


Advantages Of Table Linen Hire For Your Restaurant:

Table linen hire can help you to take your establishment to the next level, especially if you’re preparing for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day. There are numerous benefits to be gained from managing your linens in this way, where you can:


  • - Reduce time and expense spent on laundering your own linens - most hire services will take care of this for you.
  • - Save money if you wish to change your linens for a special occasion, where you can simply alter your hire package.
  • - Improve your restaurant standards by having access to premium linens for every table.
  • - Enjoy a professional level of cleanliness by having a professional team on hand to take care of your laundry requirements.
  • - Make your establishment more environmentally friendly by using reusable tablecloths and napkins.


Customer Service Tips For Valentine’s Day

When it comes to creating a romantic atmosphere for Valentine’s Day you also need to overhaul your approach to customer service, where diners will be expecting the very best for their special day. Some aspects to think about may include:


Reservations - Make sure that you have a user friendly reservation system in place, whether this is online or over the phone, where this is essential to encourage diners to book ahead of time.


Give your tables time - When making reservations, ensure that each table has enough time to properly enjoy their meal without being rushed, where this allows every diner to get the most out of their experience.


Special requests - Be prepared to deliver when it comes to any special requests your diners may have, where this could include anything from assisting with a surprise proposal to creating desserts to share.


Expect to be busy - Valentine’s Day is likely to be busy for your restaurant, so it is important to invest in extra staff and supplies so you can still deliver a high standard of service to every table.


Attentive staff - Direct your front of house staff to be extra attentive to each diner throughout the evening, where this means taking and delivering on every request with efficiency in mind.


Stalbridge Linen Services: Tablecloth Rental & Serviette Hire For Valentine’s Day

At Stalbridge Linen, we can provide a variety of premium restaurant accessories to help you to create the perfect romantic atmosphere for Valentine’s Day. Our range includes linen tablecloths, serviettes and chef attire, so you can source everything you need to prepare for a night of love and good food.


Beyond this, we also offer a professional laundry service to help keep your linens in top condition. We can pick up and deliver linens according to your timetable, so you’re always ready to provide a premium dining experience. Get in touch to find out more about our linen hire and laundry services in London.

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