The Hidden Costs of In-House Laundry Services for Businesses

The Hidden Costs of In-House Laundry Services for Businesses

If you own a business that uses commercial linen, whether that be chefs wear, tablecloths or hotel linen, then it is important that you keep these clean and well-maintained both to upkeep basic hygienic practices and to ensure that they are suitable to be presented to your customers and project an image of quality.

As such, you may think that it will be easier and more cost-effective to launder your linen on your commercial premises, but in reality this isn’t likely the case and you could be losing money. Read on below as we tell you about some of the hidden costs of in-house laundry services, and why it may be a better option to outsource your laundry.

1.     Time & Staff

In order to launder your linen in-house, then you will need to remember that this will cost you both time and staff. Firstly, you will need to either hire staff specifically to do all your commercial laundry, or you will need to sacrifice some of the time that your current staff spend doing their jobs to allow them to do the laundry.

Both these options result in you losing money. By hiring additional staff, you would need to hire enough for all the laundry to be done with maximum efficiency, which would result in high costs. Alternatively, by having your current staff launder your linen, then you will be taking them away from their other duties, which reduces business efficiency in those areas, which could also result in you losing money.

2.   Utilities

By undertaking in-house laundry operations, you will likely be using either domestic or industrial washing machines and dryers. Though these are effective, they aren’t as effective as dry cleaning. They also hike up your utility bills.

A lot of water and energy is required to operate such machinery, and considering that you would likely be focusing on efficiency, washing on an eco-cycle or letting your linen air dry aren’t likely to be feasible options. By outsourcing your laundry, professional laundry services have the capacity to efficiently clean your linen whilst following sustainable practices.

3.   Quality

Working efficiently is one thing, but doing so whilst maintaining quality is another. As a business, quality is likely incredibly important to you, both for upkeep presentation (and subsequently your reputation) and customer satisfaction.

Washing your linen using standard machines and detergents can lead to greater wear faster, either fading the colours or causing the fabrics to lose their structural integrity, meaning they would need to be replaced more often - thus losing you money.

By using professional laundry services, you can ensure that your commercial linens will maintain their quality whilst being cleaned to the highest standard.

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