The Essential Features Of A Quality Chef’s Apron

The Essential Features Of A Quality Chef’s Apron

A reliable apron is a chef’s best friend. Multi-purpose, comfortable and offering both safety and hygiene, aprons are essential within any functional kitchen setting. There are a number of features that you will likely desire in any new aprons for your kitchen, and the comprehensive range available at London Linen is sure to satisfy your requirements. Offering a variety of kitchen chef clothing, from aprons and chef’s trousers to jackets and polo shirts, we aim to provide the attire for every restaurant catering environment. Continue reading for a rundown of the essential features to look for in a high-end chef’s apron, and be sure to browse through our ever-expanding online catalogue for other linen services.


Feeling at ease in the kitchen is essential for a happy chef, and an apron that fits well, feels pleasant against the skin and doesn’t cause discomfort is ideal. Throughout our years serving kitchens, we have gained a detailed understanding of what matters to chefs, what they care about, and what they require in their clothing. With aprons worn at all times within a kitchen environment, it is essential that this workwear is satisfactory for long shifts and intensive tasks.


Practical Design

A practical chef apron design will make daily activities easier by utilising additional features and handy functionality.  All aprons from London Linen are easy to use, can be easily secured and fastened, and will cover the entirety of a chef’s front torso. Our waiter's aprons even come with fitted pockets, making for a convenient feature in the hectic restaurant setting.



Safety is paramount, and when working with hot food, dangerous appliances and sharp objects, appropriate chef clothing should be worn. A functional apron should act as a protective barrier against heat, stains, flames and more, keeping the clothes of the wearer clean and providing peace of mind that they are adequately protected from an array of risks.


High-Quality Material

All of our chef aprons at London Linen are specially made with the highest quality linen fabrics, making our kitchen clothing comfortable against skin. We have strived to source products that excel in multiple areas for our customers, and we even provide aprons in a range of designs and colours to fit the aesthetic of your restaurant. From the exclusive olive green design to traditional blue striped aprons, you can rest assured that we have the kitchen clothing for you.


At London Linen, we provide the very best in linen products to a huge range of restaurants across the capital, from casual settings, to recognisable Michelin starred establishments. Having developed a range of high-quality products which range from traditional to contemporary and upmarket, our methods of service complement the customer experience seamlessly. Simply contact us today for more information on our products and linen services. We would be happy to help.

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