Tablecloth Rental vs. Buying Outright: Which is Best For Me?

Tablecloth Rental vs. Buying Outright: Which is Best For Me?

Should you rent tablecloths and other linen or buy them outright? Read on to find out the benefits of linen hire from the team at London Linen.

Whether you manage a restaurant, hotel or catering business, you will definitely know the importance of linen. It is present in many aspects of the job, from uniforms in the kitchen to tablecloths in the dining areas. Linen is one of the backbones of the industry, and without it, a number of consequences can occur.


Poor hygiene, unsafe conditions and disappointed customers can easily be avoided by the linen that is used. So overall you want your linen to be great. One way to ensure you always have quality linen is to rent it.


Linen hire is an extremely popular option, and you can get tablecloths, serviettes and uniforms delivered straight to your business at a time that suits you.


But is it best to rent tablecloths and other items or buy outright? Read on to find out more.


What Is Linen Hire?

Linen hire is a way to get linen delivered directly to the door of your business. The process of linen hire is relatively simple. You tell the company exactly what your linen requirements are and then arrange a delivery date and time with them. Once this is done, you just sit back and wait for your linen to arrive.


Once it has, you use it for whatever you need, whether it's for casual restaurant usage or maybe a special event where you wanted to spring for something different. Afterwards, your linen will probably be used and dirty, so you will be thinking about washing it.


But washing is not needed when you’re hiring linen, as most linen hire companies also operate as a laundry service. The company will come back, collect the soiled linen and take it to be put through their rigorous cleaning process. Then you’re all ready to receive your next lot of linen!


Benefits Of Linen Hire

There are a fair few benefits to linen hire, which we’ll examine now. The first is convenience. Instead of having to manage your own linen, you simply have to fill in an order form and get it delivered straight to you. No intense planning or anything, just a form and you get exactly what you need.


The next is space. Many businesses do not want to waste their storage space as they will typically need it for other things. Linen can take up quite a lot of space, especially if you have a large supply that you rotate frequently. Linen hire eliminates the need to store your linen, as you can have it delivered and used instantly. Then when it’s done with you send it off to get washed, so you don’t have to leave it lying about.


You’ll also save space as you won’t have to invest in any equipment that you would need to launder your linen, such as a washing machine and tumble dryer. This will save your business money as well, as you won’t be buying expensive machinery or using extra power to run these machines.


Another benefit is being able to have more flexibility in your linen usage. Most businesses, restaurants or caterers do not need the same amount of linen each month. This could depend on bookings, special events, the time of year and a million other factors that add up to your need to be adaptable with your linen hire. Linen hire companies can send you the quantities you need when you need them, so you never have to worry about having too much or too little linen.


Finally,  you can benefit from always getting pristine linen every single time. Linen hire companies will have been in the business awhile, so know how to launder linen to a high standard which will prolong its lifetime and ensure it is very clean after every wash. Most linen hire companies will also wash the linen in the most environmentally friendly way possible, so using linen hire services can actually aid the environment.


What Linen Can I Get?

Most linen hire companies will provide a range of linen for you and your business. Here at London Linen, we have a great selection of products available, such as:


Restaurant Tablecloths

In terms of table linen, we have a range of serviettes and tablecloths suitable for whatever style of business or event you have. This includes classic white made from 100% pure linen or combed cotton, which gives a timeless and opulent look to a table. We also have a few different colour options in case you’re aiming for something different from white, including black, grey and cream. If you like the classic shade of white but want a pop of colour, we also have magenta, grey and blue striped linen.


Our premium table linen is always delivered in pristine condition, with every piece put through quality control to ensure we never deliver a sub-optimal product.


Chefs Wear

Moving on from table linen, here at London Linen we have been supplying quality chefs wear to restaurants and kitchens for many years now. Chefs wear has multiple functions. The first is to promote cleanliness. Hiring chefs wear can aid hygiene as the clothes will be fresh and clean every single day. They also won’t have been taken home, so germs from outside will not be brought into the kitchen.


Chefs wear also protects whoever is wearing it. In a fast-paced kitchen, there are plenty of hazards. Chefs wear is typically made from heavy-duty materials that will protect a wearer from an incident, such as boiling liquid splashing up. Finally, chefs wear is breathable, so workers will not overheat while working in a kitchen.


London Linen has a great selection of chefs wear available for hire, including chef jackets, aprons, trousers and polo shorts, along with kitchen aids such as cloths and towels.


Should You Buy Or Hire?

While there are numerous benefits to hiring linen, there are also a few reasons to buy it yourself. One is if you want custom or bespoke items. While some hire companies might be able to do this for you, it will limit the selection of linen products you can obtain for them, which might lead to them not always having exactly what you need at hand.


You might also buy linen if you’re a small business that only needs a few items, as the delivery cost might not be worth it and you may have enough storage available if it's for just a few things.


Table Linen Hire From London Linen

If you think you need linen hire for your business, get in touch with the team here at London Linen. We are a commercial laundry service that can provide high-quality table linen to restaurants, cafes, caterers and anybody else who needs linen in their line of work.


All of our linen is of a great quality and we will never supply products that have not been through our rigorous laundering process. So you can expect pristine linen delivered to you every time. Then when you’re done with the linen, simply return it to us for us to launder and we can deliver your next lot of quality linen whenever you next need it.


We have developed a range of products that are both traditional and contemporary, so you can make use of our services no matter what type of business you are, from greasy spoons and delis to fine dining establishments. Whatever type of business you are, this will enhance and complement your customer experience.


One of the key features of London Linen is the way we can be flexible with your requirements. Our contracts don’t tie you into a certain amount of stock each month, so you can adjust according to your needs. This is great for businesses which do not require a steady supply of linen, such as caterers, or those who have fluctuating events during a month which they may need more/less linen for.


We have been serving the catering industry in London for over 80 years, so give us a call today at 020 8574 5569 to find out more about how we can help you.

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