Simple But Effective Ways to Elevate Your Restaurant

Simple But Effective Ways to Elevate Your Restaurant

The restaurant business is very fickle. Trends in the food and beverage world are changing every single day, so keeping your restaurant with the times is essential to ensure you don’t fall behind. A modern restaurant will draw customers in to enjoy what your establishment has to offer, great quality food and a sublime atmosphere.

The most common way to do this is through a remodel, which can be both costly and time-consuming. A remodel will usually close your business for a certain amount of time, which will affect your revenue. If you’re a struggling business that wants to improve profits, this is a very risky move that might not end up having the positive effect you desire. But there are simpler ways to elevate your restaurant that will keep your business open all the time and improve the quality of your eatery.


Read on to learn some simple but effective ways to elevate your restaurant.


Improve Curb Appeal

The outside of your restaurant is essential to luring in customers. An unappealing looking outside will not attract anyone to your business, looking unprofessional or dirty. That’s why you should make an effort to improve your curb appeal. Start by making sure all windows are clean so that customers can see in and admire the inside. Many potential customers will peer in windows to get an indication of what a restaurant is like, so having them clean will keep your restaurant looking professional.


If your paintwork is chipped or old, consider a fresh coat of paint that reflects your businesses branding, or a bright colour that stands out to anyone who walks past. At the same time, upgrade your signage. You could design a new, appealing logo or just a fresh, clean version of your existing branding. Use a sandwich board to grab attention from passersby and direct them into your restaurant, advertising one of your best dishes or any promotions you’re currently running.


Upgrade Your Cutlery

Over time your silverware will begin to show signs of wear and tear through constant use. This may be in the form of scratches, chipped handles, or bending. Customers are quite particular about the state of the cutlery they use in a restaurant, commonly asking for a different set if theirs looks dirty or damaged. So why not take this time to refresh your cutlery?


Firstly all your cutlery should be of the same set. Having a knife and fork that belong to two different sets of silverware looks unprofessional so never mix and match different collections. Consider cutlery that fits the brand and aesthetic of your restaurant. If you’re a classy, upmarket restaurant you might prefer a simple silver or patterned set. A pub restaurant might consider cutlery with wooden handles, to go with the rustic aesthetic. Nowadays there’s cutlery to fit every purpose, from environmentally friendly bamboo sets to sleek and elegant all-black or rose gold finishes.


Redesign Your Menu

The menu is one of the most important parts of your restaurant, therefore it is important to optimise it every once in a while. Keep records of how many of each dish you are serving, to figure out the most and least popular dishes on the menu. Redesign your menu based around your more popular dishes, and think about removing some of the less popular dishes. If your menu is broader, try focusing it a bit more. This will save you on ingredients cost if you have fewer dishes on the menu. If you have too many options, you may end up with wasted ingredients that don’t get used.


Even if you don’t want to edit your dishes, consider just changing the design of your menu. Pick a new font and position the dishes differently, so the menu seems brand new even if it’s made up of the exact same dishes as before. Highlight your best dishes with visual flair to draw attention to them, such as boxing them off or adding colour and photographs. Make sure the font is suitable, too small can make customers strain their eyes while too big looks amateur and childish.


Get Online

Social media is key to any business nowadays. A lot of customers can become aware of your restaurant online and seek it out if they like the look of it. So consider starting Facebook and Instagram accounts. A Facebook account can help with updates on your business, promote special events and allow customers to leave reviews for others to see. Instagram can be more visual, with artfully shot pictures of your most tasty dishes. Social media also provides direct methods for customers to contact you, allowing you to instantly reply to any concerns or questions they have.


It’s very easy nowadays to make a professional-looking website at home. Your website should include details about your restaurant, pictures of dishes and the venue, the full menu to browse and where to locate your establishment. Another handy feature is an online booking system, so potential customers can easily check availability and book for a meal without having to visit you in person or call on the phone.


If you offer takeaway as part of your service, an online ordering system will save a staff member manning the phones waiting for orders, freeing them up to help out in other areas of your restaurant. Customers can browse your menu, place an order and pay without concerning any of your staff, and the order can be automatically sent to the kitchen for the chefs to get started on.


Replace Your Table Linen & Serviettes

Dirty or old linen makes your restaurant seem shabby or unclean. So you should create a better first impression by having pristine linen. White tablecloths can easily lose colouration over time, so replace your old tablecloths with new ones that are durable and add a sense of luxury. Customers will appreciate fresh tablecloths and know that you keep a clean and hygienic restaurant.


Tablecloths can help reflect your brand, white tablecloths are more upscale while prints or patterns are more casual and playful. Serviettes are another way to help show your brand, depending on the colour or pattern you use.


New Uniform

A uniform in the workplace makes sure staff are easily identifiable and helps to improve and maintain a professional image. Even for staff behind the scenes such as chefs, it is important to have a uniform for health, safety and hygiene. So a simple way to elevate your restaurant is to invest in new uniforms, or enforce a dress code.


For the front of house, a uniform should be practical and professional. This could be a T-shirt with your restaurant’s branding, or a more upscale shirt and tie. An apron is also common in front of house, to help any potential food or drink spilling on their uniform.


Chef wear gives an appearance of professionalism.  If you have a kitchen that is visible from the restaurant floor, it is important that the staff inside are dressed properly. It adds an element of class to having all your chefs dressed in identical uniforms, whether that be chefs jackets, aprons or just similar clothing. If a customer sees the chefs dressed in casual clothing, they may have doubts about the professionalism of the restaurant


Chef wear is often safer in the kitchen than regular clothes, providing protection from ovens, hobs and other hazards that could burn or harm an employee. It is generally more comfortable, made from breathable materials that will help prevent staff overheating in a hot kitchen. Chef wear also helps with food hygiene, as this will help to ensure any bacteria carried into the kitchen on normal clothing will not contaminate the food.


If you can’t afford to kit out your whole staff, you could introduce a dress code that will make everyone look similar. Jeans and a black t-shirt is a simple but professional uniform that can be paired with a name badge to properly identify staff.


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