Napkin and Tablecloth Hiring: A Restaurant Decoration Guide

Napkin and Tablecloth Hiring: A Restaurant Decoration Guide

Do you own a restaurant? If so, then you should know about the importance of colour and design. Not only are these important for presenting your restaurant in the way you wish it to be interpreted, but they can play a huge part in your customers’ dining experience - even on a psychological level. It is what your customers see, afterall, that shapes their initial impression of your restaurant.

We’ve put together this guide to help you understand how colour and design can impact people’s dining experience, offering suggestions on how you can utilise them through the use of table linens and other decor, as well as giving insight into why you should hire your tablecloths and napkins to make this the most achievable.

The Psychology of Colour

Colour can have a very strong influence on our feelings and perception of things, usually on a subconscious level rather than one we are aware of. This can play an especially important role in a dining setting, since these subliminal associations of colour will then impact attitudes towards people’s dining choices.

Below we’ve listed a handful of different colours and how they influence feelings and attitudes.

Red: The colour red is what’s known as a strong stimulant (other examples of this include orange and yellow). It is typically associated with excitement, and is known to increase people’s heart rates. Not only will this make people feel eager to look at your menu and try your food, but there is potential it will lead to a slight increase in their appetite, making the dishes you serve sound even more appetising.

Orange: Orange is a colour that increases mental activity; it is attention-grabbing without being overpowering, eliciting feelings of enthusiasm and vitality. It is a very inviting colour. This will make people feel welcomed into your restaurant and feel comfortable enough to want to actively venture in further. It is likely your customers will feel a sense of balance, finding your restaurant to be energetic yet friendly.

Yellow: The brightness of the colour yellow reflects the feelings it elicits. It increases feelings of positivity and happiness, and is also often associated with creativity. In turn, this will result in people feeling a sense of positivity upon entering your restaurant and being seated, while the creative associations may subliminally imply that your food will be original, unique and make for an enjoyable eating experience.

Green: Green colours evoke feelings of abundance and are associated with peace, refreshment and security. This can make people feel safe and at ease, allowing them to truly feel comfortable in your restaurant, which is essential considering many people can feel vulnerable when eating food in public settings.

There is also some association between green equating to a healthy diet, which triggers an instinctual part of the brain that is linked back to hunter-gatherer times, whereby green signified edible, non-poisonous plants - hence the association with good health.

Blue: Typically, blues are associated with feelings of calmness and tranquillity. This makes blue a good colour to aid in creating an ambient atmosphere that helps to relax your customers and make them want to stay in your restaurant to enjoy their experience to the fullest, which may lead to them buying an extra entree, drink or course (such as a dessert).

As well as these positive colours, there are some colours that are better to be avoided, since they can have more negative intimations - at least when used in a food setting. These are predominantly black, grey and brown, which may be associated with burnt or overdone food, and studies have shown that there are correlations between these actually causing people’s appetites to diminish.

Although such colours don’t necessarily have to be avoided altogether, especially if they work well with your interior design choices, they should not be the main source of visual stimulation for your customers.

Design Accents: From Restaurant Table Linen to Foliage

Now that you know how colours can play a part in presenting the atmosphere of your restaurant and have potentially thought about the colour scheme that you want to implement, you next need to consider how you are going to do as such.

We believe one of the best ways to do so is through the use of accents that will also complement your overall interior design and desired atmosphere. We’ve listed some effective accents you could use in your restaurant’s design.

Table Linens

The use of table linens, such as tablecloths and serviettes, are an excellent way to add subtle enhancements to your tables whilst tying in with the overall theme and design of your restaurant.

If you like that clean, sophisticated look, then traditional white tablecloths can really elevate the elegance of your restaurant. There are also different ways you can style these; for example, if you prefer a more classic vibe, then having these draped over round tables will create the perfect effect.

Those who prefer a more rustic design, yet still want some protection on their tables, may choose to use them over rectangular tables and tuck them in underneath, or even use them as a table runner, leaving some of the natural wood of the table exposed.

You then have the choice to maximise the use of napkins in favour of your interior design. Of course, there is the option to stick with a traditional white linen napkin, perhaps adorned with a napkin ring to add a touch of colour and texture. However, you could also use them as a way to incorporate colour.

You could opt for a cream or champagne tone to add a tinge of colour other than white and create a more relaxed and homely feel, or perhaps a sage if you’re going for a rustic design and wish to focus on greens within your colour scheme.

The Benefits of Hiring Your Table Linen

We strongly suggest hiring your table linens rather than buying them outright. Doing so means you will also have the option to have them professionally cleaned, which is one less responsibility for you to have to worry about and allows you to focus on other aspects of running your restaurant.

Furthermore, it is a cost-effective option, since you can tailor the amount you have to the amount you need at any given time. For example, if you need less due to social distancing rules meaning some table need to be removed or won't be in use, or if you expand your restaurant due to rising popularity and require more tables, then you will not lose or need to invest money in catering to these changes, which are instead easily amendable when hiring.


Another handy yet effective tip is to use flowers in your design. Flowers are a great way to add accents to your tables so they look more put together, without taking up too much space - not to mention, they can be a very affordable way to do so, also.

They are perfect for adding a touch of colour, and you can even use them to incorporate the designated colours you wish to utilise to help reinforce the psychological associations and perceptions of your restaurant. This is especially so, because being on the table directly in front of your customers means they will constantly be in view of where your customers’ attention will predominantly be throughout their dining experience.

In addition to this, the versatility the use of flowers as decor offers makes them perfect for switching up your dining space throughout the season. The first ever celebrity chef, Marie-Aintoine Carȇme (famous for inventing the traditional chef whites we see today), was once sent a test by French diplomat and gourmand Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord to create a year’s worth of menus, without repetition, using only seasonal produce - he succeeded.

Today, the practice of changing menus throughout the year to utilise seasonal produce is practised by many in their restaurants, especially given the precedence of climate change and how transportation of ingredients may increase their carbon footprint and reduce the freshness of their ingredients. So, why not change the decor of your restaurant along with your menu?

Embellishing your tables with seasonal flowers throughout the year not only reflects the types of dishes you are offering at the time, but will also make your customers feel appropriately festive and jovial in conjunction with the relevant season.

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