How To Provide A Flawless Guest Experience At Your Hotel

How To Provide A Flawless Guest Experience At Your Hotel

With so much competition for customers and returning clients in the capital and surrounding cities, ensuring you’re ahead of rivals by introducing the correct hotel services, amenities and extras will give your establishment a crucial boost. Whether you own an expansive chain of buildings, you’re just launching a customer-centric hotel in the city of London for the first time, or you’re simply offering advice and guidance to someone else, ensuring all boxes are ticked will set you well on your way to success in the short and long-term.

The modern guest expects plenty more than simply a quiet night’s sleep and warm food at the table, so read on and discover crucial advice from London Linen.

A Competitive Industry

With the United Kingdom’s hotel industry worth roughly £10.9 billion pounds, and occupancy only expected to grow in the aftermath of the pandemic, owning a successful establishment can prove to be a hugely successful venture. If you’re already a stakeholder in a hotel, there are always areas to improve upon - be it with additional entertainment facilities, improved attention-to-detail in guest rooms or even branded clothing for chefs and cleaners.

The modern guest may be a busy businessman, large family of locals or a solo tourist looking for a quick stop-off - so considering the variation within your audience will likely make for a more welcoming and adaptable hospitality setting. Regardless of your hotel’s unique selling point or existing brand, fine-tuning the following areas will yield immediate results.


Presentation will almost certainly differ based around your clientele, with a more universally-friendly tourist hotel maintaining a multifunctional, family centric interior, with a clear consideration for children and young adults. If your establishment is focused on a more professional audience, consider the importance of a formal presentation, including study areas and efficient stripped back rooms which prioritise convent essentials. Few visitors will favour a garish or overly bright and showy interior, so focus on blank tones including black, white and shades of grey when possible.

Cleanliness And Maintenance

The bare minimum within a hotel is for rooms and facilities to remain tidy and hygienic, with repairs and maintenance when appropriate. This should extend to regular cleaning of occupied rooms by designated staff, especially during the transition between guest bookings. Any additional facilities will require added care, with spa facilities, sports areas and other additions requiring regular checks to ensure safety protocols are being followed. Guests are sure to return if their initial impressions are positive, so the guest area should be almost immaculate upon arrival, setting the tone for a relaxing stay.

Food And Catering

The catering options within your hotel should extend to varied cuisine and snack offerings, ideally with sustainably sourced ingredients and fresh recipes. Dietary requirements and allergies should be kept in mind, while themed nights are popular within many establishments, showcasing cuisine from around the globe. Breakfast, lunchtime and dinner options are standard, while a snack bar can really make the difference for busy individuals who don’t have flexible schedules.

For an upmarket customer experience, table presentation and a formal appearance are key. Soft and stain-resistant table linen and napkins are sure to please, and such options from London Linen can be selected to match your existing branding, with colours and patterns worth browsing. In addition, our napkin laundry services are easily managed via our online portal, with efficient and punctual delivery regardless of your location and order size.

Varied Needs

Hotel guests will of course have varied needs and wants, with essentials including disability access for those less able-bodied visitors, mother and baby facilities when required, and sensory rooms for those with autism spectrum disorder. The customer experience is never going to be accounted for with a number of tickable boxes and sim plastic requirements, as quite simply everyone is different, so maintaining an open mind and checking legislation as well as the latest news and updates within the industry will provide you with a well-rounded idea of how to appease users of all kinds.

Convenient Amenities

Amenities are bonus extras and additional facilities which leave guests coming back for more, and may include gym or exercise facilities for the fitness-minded among us, alongside desirable room additions such as complimentary greeting items, in-room luxury features and more. A number of upmarket hotels within the capital even feature spa facilities, with saunas, relaxation areas and more. It’s important to know what you’re up against as a hotel stakeholder in 2022, so why not discover the benefits of a comprehensive spa setting, acquiring towels and robes to complete the environment.

Quick Tips

Not all changes made to your establishment will need to be radical ones, with minor details and alterations bound to add up and equal significant change. Consider the below tips if you’re looking towards a gradual evolution in your hotel, building towards an effortlessly happy guest experience and universal acclaim from guests.

Concern With Complaints

Customer complaints are unavoidable, with even the highest rated hotels and most desirable establishments experiencing the occasional mix-up or unfortunate mishap. Many of these complaints can be built upon and used as guidance for possible additions or changes in the future. Complainants should also of course be communicated with in a respectful manner, with consequential actions which rectify their original issue, however trivial it may seem.

Team Collaboration Toward A Shared Vision

Whether your shared goal as a workforce is to improve guest retention and ensure visitors return, or to improve the general cleanliness of hallways, lounges and landings, alignment with the same vision will give guests a clear idea of organisation and professionalism. Amidst the chaos of arriving and departing guests, routine maintenance and upkeep of the building and a continual commitment to the welfare of visitors, tracking progress and taking action will make a real difference.

Children And Pets

Making sure that guests are aware of any rules regarding children and poets prior to arrival will prevent awkward situations, as you understandably may not want children running up and down the hallways at night as guests are attempting to sleep, or dog hair getting into every nook and cranny of your thoroughly cleaned guest spaces. Clearly indicating before a booking is made will improve the customer experience by saving on potential disappointment for visiting families or animal lovers.

Why Choose Us?

Despite an emphasis on London catering and hospitality services, our delivery and collection is available nationwide. We tailor times and frequency of delivery to your needs, while emergency on demand delivery is always within your options. Every customer even has a dedicated Area Service Manager who acts as a single point of contact, and helps to tailor the best solution. Items are available for variable permanent and temporary hire, so if you’re looking to borrow luxury chef clothing for a one-off event, or hold onto your coloured table linen on a long-term basis, we’re well-equipped to help with your hotel laundry services.

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