How To Improve Your Kitchen Safety & Food Hygiene

How To Improve Your Kitchen Safety & Food Hygiene

In your restaurant or hotel kitchen, you need to ensure your kitchen safety and food hygiene are the best they can possibly be. This is for the safety of your employees and any guests. A lot of accidents can happen in the kitchen, so preventative measures are the best way to avoid any harm coming to anyone. So read on for some simple tips to improve your kitchen safety and food hygiene.

Food Preparation

Take care when preparing food in a kitchen. You can avoid cross-contamination by using a colour coding system. You can apply this to chopping boards, fridges, knives, utensils and other cooking implements. For example, things colour coded red can be used just for raw meat, while green could be for fruits and vegetables and white for cooked meat.


Make sure all equipment is cleaned straight after use, to avoid the risk of any germs clinging to them that could be transferred to other supplies. Use hot soapy water or a cleaning solution that is specifically designed for kitchen use.


Cook With Care

Never leave any food cooking unattended, this could be broiling, frying, simmering, baking or sauteing. If you need to leave to grab ingredients or handle something else, ask a coworker to watch whatever you’re doing. Don’t be distracted while cooking, such as being on your phone or watching TV. Cooking can be dangerous and should have your full attention.


Once you are done, make sure you turn off the tool you are using, do not leave open flames unattended where nothing is cooking. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher nearby in case of flames getting out of control. Do not throw water over a kitchen fire, as this can sometimes make the fire even worse. Try to smother the fire if it is small and use a fire extinguisher, or call the fire department for large fires.



The clothes worn in a kitchen are paramount to the safety of workers. You shouldn't wear anything that dangles as you could set yourself on fire. The best thing to wear is chef's wear. This could include chefs jackets, aprons, trousers and polos. Buying from a restaurant linen company will ensure the products you wear will be specifically designed for safety and comfort when working in a kitchen.


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Published on: Feb 25, 2022

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