Essentials For A Restaurant Grand Opening

Essentials For A Restaurant Grand Opening

A restaurant opening is bound to be a fantastic occasion for all involved, and when you’re staging a grand opening for your establishment, there are plenty of elements to consider. From spreading the word, to deciding the ideal presentation for your celebratory event, planning should be extensive. Follow tips from London Linen and organise a memorable event for the entire community, accounting for choice of guests, branding, themes, and chef clothing.

Community Involvement

Involving the community is a great way to spread the word of your restaurant, and targeting locals with advertisements and offering incentives will give local residents a positive first impression. Offers to celebrate the grand opening could include an exclusive menu, reduced prices, and deals on specific meals and snacks. Prompt guests to spread the word with exceptional service, and you’ll be swarming with customers in no time.

Prioritise Presentation

The presentation of your establishment during a grand opening will set a precedent for the customers you attract - so spend plenty of time perfecting the formalities. Whether you’re opening a brand new sushi restaurant, or fine-dining is more your thing, maintain a professional exterior with quality chef clothing, fresh table linen for presentation, and decorative touches that correspond with your vision.

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Social Media Promotion

One of the best ways to spread the word of a big event in the internet-age is with social media posts, online competitions and specific calls to action. It may be a sensible decision to advertise your restaurant on several different platforms to attract a range of demographics. Vary your channels of communication by advertising on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, while you may want to contact local groups and organisations for assistance.

Select Guests Carefully

Select your guestlist based on your ideal restaurant attendees and your proposed goals for the grand opening. Looking to attract upmarket guests and foodies? Contact local restaurant critics and food blogs. Keen to bring in a younger hip audience? Include social media influencers and local celebrities on the guest list. With all of this in mind, don’t forget to invite those who made the opening possible - family, friends, and investors.

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