Different Cloths Used In A Professional Kitchen

Different Cloths Used In A Professional Kitchen

In a professional kitchen, there are a wide variety of different uses for kitchen cloths. Some examples include oven cloths, glass cloths and microfibre cloths. Whilst this can seem like a small piece in the running of a professional kitchen, ensuring that these pieces are in place can lead to increased efficiency and improved outcomes. It is important that chef’s cloths are of high quality and will not shed threads when carrying and moving items throughout a kitchen.

One of the main reasons why it can be a good idea to have colour-coded cloths in a kitchen setting is to avoid cross-contamination. It is also important from a standpoint of health and safety. As kitchen cloths and glass cloths can be wet it is important that they are not used as oven cloths to avoid burns and dropped items. Utilising a commercial laundry service from an experienced linen company can help ensure that your professional kitchen’s cloths are laundered and kept fully stocked, maintaining the hygiene standards required in a professional kitchen and improving efficiency.

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Oven Cloths

A high-quality oven cloth provides protection against hot items making it easy to efficiently carry trays, pans and other cooking equipment around a kitchen. As a result of its intended use, oven cloths will typically be thicker than other kitchen cloths. The surface may also be less smooth than other cloths ensuring that heavy items can be easily held to avoid spills.

Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths can have a wide range of uses in a professional kitchen including cleaning up spills and ensuring that a working area is clean. They can be preferable to using a kitchen towel for a number of reasons including their absorbent quality and reusability.

Kitchen Cloths And Glass Cloths

In order for a restaurant kitchen to function smoothly and efficiently, it is important that there is a sufficient stock of clean kitchen and glass cloths ensuring that hygiene standards and service standards are maintained when drying dishes and polishing cutlery. Opting for high-quality kitchen cloths and glass cloths ensures that the standard of presentation matches the quality of the food.

Commercial Laundry Service

Providing and laundering kitchen cloths is one of many services that can be provided by a commercial laundry service to a professional kitchen. It is crucial that a high standard of cleanliness is maintained with all reusable items in a professional kitchen and a commercial laundry service can ensure that chef’s uniforms, kitchen cloths and table linen is cleaned and restocked.

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